Simple Strategies For Getting Your Kids To Do Their Homework

June 1, 2020

Whether they like it or not, homework is a part of your kids’ life, and they have to do it. Getting them to comply with the instructions of their school teachers, however, is a challenge. When kids come home in the afternoon, they naturally want to relax and play. Doing more work seems like an imposition.

For parents, this factor can be a struggle. You want them to succeed with their academic career and get on the path to learning. But you don’t always know how to assist them.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the simple strategies you can use to get your kids to do their homework and get ahead.

Get It Out The Way Before Dinner

You don’t want homework dragging on all night. Getting it done before dinner is essential. When they arrive from school, make sure they bash it out as fast as possible. If they’re stuck on a particular problem, give them a clue that will speed it up for them. Make sure that dinner becomes the bookend to their day so that they’re not struggling with work into the evening when it is family time.

Get With The Program

If you work until the late evening and there’s a gap between your finish time and that of your children, get them to do all their homework at an after school program. These services provide a childminding facility while also guiding homework. Kids can get all their academic requirements out of the way and have the rest of the evening for the other things in life, such as family time. What’s more, these programs allow them to use all the time they’re away from home productively, maximizing their term times.

Set Them Up With A Desk

Kids can’t do homework on the floor or their beds. They need a desk, a computer and somewhere to store all their books. Importantly, they also need an ergonomic chair. Nobody wants to spend their entire life sitting on a cheap plastic thing with metal legs. That’s not going to encourage work.

Break It Up Into Chunks

For some kids, the prospect of having to do a massive piece of homework is a little daunting. Sometimes the task can seem so significant that it isn’t possible.

As a parent, you can show them the benefits of breaking up tasks into more manageable chunks. Kids don’t have to approach monumental tasks as though they are monolithic. They break them up into smaller sections.

As a parent, you can also help them to break down their homework by subject. Often it is easier to focus on a specific area, such as science or maths in the evening, doing homework in bulk instead of switching from one subject to another.

Add Motivation

Motivate your child to do their homework by making the subject matter seem interesting to you. The more excited you get about something - even if it is mundane - the more enthusiastic they will be.

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