Famous 5 Furniture Designs for Your Living Room

October 10, 2020

Selecting the best furniture design for your living room can be daunting. You have to consider all factors to create a holistic cohesion that is an eye-candy to look at. First, scrutinize your entire home and assess what home style is the most dominant. And that is the design you probably want to aim for when choosing the right living room furniture.

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Here's a mini-guide to help you pick the right furniture style that goes well with your interior design.

Traditional Furniture Design

The traditional living space is the second most popular home theme based on a study by Home Stratosphere, and for a good reason. A home with traditional style is extremely classic yet elegant. It boasts of bold and raw materials and decorative in the little details.

It contains curved lines and beautiful classic silhouettes. The colors are mostly wood tones such as brown, deep espresso, cherry, black, and white. Furniture in a traditional home must have intricate detailing with moldings, paneling, and more.

When choosing a traditional sofa, the cushions should be extra plush and comfy. Materials can be velvet, leather, or silk.

Modern Furniture Design

If you're more into the simple lines and less ornamental details, then a modern living room is for you. Unlike the curved lines in a traditional room, a modern living room showcases more of the crisp and horizontal lines, no-frills design, and low furnishings.

It is free from clutter, and all the unnecessary details are eliminated. Any interior designer knows how delicate this look is. Your modern living room table and sofa should be luxurious and elementary with less fluff. In modern design, it's all about the sheen.

Materials like chrome, glass, steel are well-embraced in a modern living room. Your sofa can also don neutral colors such as black, white, or gray. Your center table or a coffee table may also have glossy finishes. The materials on a modern sofa or furniture are vinyl, leather, faux leather, microfiber, or PU.

Contemporary Furniture Design

Some people use modern and contemporary styles interchangeably. Unlike the modern theme that is based on 20th-century art, contemporary doesn't have a rigid appeal. It is based on recent furniture trends. It is what's presently in.

Chairs, sectional sofas, armchairs, or the cocktail table could be different last year than this year in contemporary design. The similarities between a modern and contemporary living room are simple silhouettes, geometric shapes, and crisp lines. However, contemporary furniture may also have occasional curved lines like the traditional design, with fewer ornamental details.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture Design

This home design theme is hard to define. But most people would date back this design to the middle of the 20th century, specifically from 1933 to 1965. This renaissance era has seen the growth of furniture, architecture, and graphic design.

When choosing a mid-century modern chair, table, or sofa, ensure it exudes very elegant and sophisticated lines and silhouettes. It mostly has a minimalist look that is pleasing to the eyes. Some mid-century modern living room pieces are handmade or hand-painted.

The colors are more on the natural wood tones such as maple, walnut, oak, pine, or any elegant brown finish.

Transitional Furniture Design

The transitional living room design is a marriage of modern and traditional styles. It has simple elements yet is not afraid to command attention through intricate ornamental details. The items in this category can have a combination of wood or glossy finishes.

It can also be a mix of curved or straight lines or a modern and classic appeal. The furniture materials can be leather, velvet, or linen. Lastly, the colors are versatile.

Wrap Up

When choosing furniture items for your living room, always determine the overall look you're going for during the first home interior design stage. This is where you can truly pull off a living room that's not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. To check out more collections, visit furniture outlets online.

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