The Pros and Cons of Having Glass Furniture

May 25, 2021

Glass furniture can be a worthwhile investment in your home’s decor and overall design. In fact, many modern furniture designs do incorporate some kind of glass because it helps to create the illusion of space and looks very stylish. However, not everyone likes the idea of having glass furniture in their home, so here are a couple of pros and cons to help you get a better understanding of what it’s like to own a piece.

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Glass furniture looks amazing

Glas furniture looks amazing and there’s no arguing that. It’s extremely elegant, it doesn’t look tacky, and it can fit in virtually any kind of decor arrangement. If you want something that fits any kind of interior design style, then this is the one to go for.

Glass furniture is affordable

Buying something like a glass side table might seem expensive, but it’s actually surprisingly affordable. This is because it’s durable when maintained properly and it’s also an extremely unique piece of furniture. You can’t really mimic the look and feel of glass with cheaper alternatives, hence why it’s such a great investment.

Glass furniture creates an illusion of space

Glass furniture can also help you create the illusion of space in your home. This is a great way to make your rooms feel more open because glass helps to not only reflect light around your room, but you can see through it which means nothing will be blocking your view–it gives you a full view of whatever’s behind or underneath it.

Glass furniture can take a bit of maintenance

However, many people can get frustrated when maintaining their glass furniture because it takes a little more love and care than something like a wooden piece. While cleaning glass furniture does take a bit more care, it can’t be avoided and it’s better to just learn what cleaning products to use, what kind of cloth to wipe your furniture with, and how often you should clean it. If you’re diligent about keeping your home clean, then you can maintain your glass furniture without breaking a sweat.

Glass furniture can be fragile

The other elephant in the room is how fragile glass furniture is. You need to have protective surfaces to put things on before they touch the glass, and it can be very easy to accidentally bump into it and break it. While it’s very durable (more so than cheaper timber!) it’s not invincible and if it does break, you’re going to have a very hard time cleaning things up. It’s not like a wooden piece of furniture where you can live with a few chips and scrapes!

Glass furniture can look out of place

In some cases, glass furniture can look gaudy if it’s not taken care of correctly or if you don’t at least attempt to pair it with other things in your room. While it’s a neutral piece of furniture that fits with many decor styles, it’s possible to make it look completely out of place if you don’t attempt to make it fit.

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