6 Things to Bring to a Picnic

June 1, 2021

Packing a picnic is one of the most popular date ideas for young people, but unless you are an old soul, what to bring in a picnic is hard for the newer generations to understand. There are a couple of simple rules to know when packing a picnic. The most important thing to remember is that picnic baskets won’t cut it. You need the food to be cold so bring a cooler. Below is a list of essentials and dishes to bring on a picnic.


A picnic isn’t even a picnic without a blanket. In every stereotypical romantic comedy, the guy packs a picnic for the girl. Every time, there is a red, plaid picnic blanket that all the food sits on top of. Your blanket doesn’t have to be red and plaid, but having a blanket is most definitely a necessity.


You can’t forget to bring a side dish of some sort to a picnic. It would be one boring picnic if there were no side dishes. Fruit is the perfect side dish to bring to a picnic because picnics take place outside in good weather, and that is just the ideal environment for a picnic. 

Separated Sandwich Materials 

A rookie mistake at any picnic is packing premade sandwiches because then the picnic ends prematurely. The point of a picnic is to enjoy the time with the person or people you are with for as long as possible. By bringing different sandwich materials in a cooler, you have to make the sandwiches, and it prolongs the time you get to spend with other people. 

Pasta Salad

Having a separate dish that is filling and everyone loves at a picnic is never a bad idea. A perfect example of a dish that everyone loves is easy to make and fills you up for the day is pasta salad.  

There are other side dishes that you can bring, but you can never go wrong if you pack the pasta salad.  


It is a prevalent mistake to forget the drinks when you pack up the picnic, but if you do, it could be miserable, and you might have to run to the nearest gas station to correct this mistake. Most of the time, picnics take place in sunny weather. That being said, it could get hot out, and when you are eating, and it’s hot out, drinks are a necessity.


Dessert isn’t a necessity for packing a picnic, but it helps extend the time spent with the people present, and it is also excellent. Everybody loves dessert, and it is the perfect way to end a picnic.

Another rule of thumb when packing a picnic is don’t be afraid to try adventurous dishes. For example, a great but not well-known dish is pepper jam. It may sound a little strange, but many people enjoy its salty and sweet taste. Plus, if it throws your date off, there is just more to talk about on your picnic.

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