10 Obvious Signs Now is the Right Time to Propose

June 30, 2021

Knowing the exact time to propose is essential in every person’s life because it is never easy to figure it out. So, how do you know that it is the right time to propose? Remember that this is someone you have spent time with, and even if you know you want to spend the rest of your life with them, the proposal time can be tricky. Besides, this is a huge decision, and you probably should not take it lightly.

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Signs your Relationship is Strong Enough for You to Propose

There will be some leap of faith at some point in your relationship, where you won’t be entirely sure whether you are ready to propose. However, you must ensure that you are prepared to try and that your plan matches your partner’s.

You might be happy and feel like you want to propose; however, it is important to note that there are certain things that a relationship must have to make it in the long term. So, even before you choose one of the best Allurez engagement rings, the following are some indications that you are on the right track.

You are honest about your finances

Money matters to some degree, even despite your undying love for one another. You and your partner might not be financial experts, but you should both be familiar with your financial situations. You can be in an immediate conflict if one or both of you is in debt or lacks money. You don’t necessarily need to know each other’s salary; however, it can be very helpful to know at least about your savings to avoid getting into conflict about how much either of you owes on your credit card.

Besides, lying about money in a relationship can quickly turn a happy and robust relationship into an unhappy one. So, to avoid getting into financial troubles due to dishonesty and prepare yourself for a proposal, you need to have open conversations about your money. The more the two of you get honest about your finances, the stronger your relationship will be.

Consider establishing financial goals that both of you will strive to achieve. Then talk about those goals and how you will achieve them by working hand-in-hand with your partner. And when it comes to spending, never leave your partner in the shadow, have a conversation so that the two of you will be financially stable even when you decide to get engaged.

You are lonely when they aren’t around

Spending more time with your partner will make you realize that you cannot live without them. You start feeling lonely when they go out, and you really love and enjoy making trips or going out together to spend quality time with them. This is how you will know that your love is growing.

Every time you are with your partner, the moment gets sweeter, precious, and fulfilling. So, you want them to be with you every time and hate being separated. Feeling incredibly lonely whenever your partner is not around is a surefire sign that you are ready to propose.

It doesn’t feel scary

According to HuffPost, people rarely talk about their fear of engagement; however, this is real. People might be telling you that proposing is the happiest time in life, but do you feel that way? If so, you are ready to get down on one knee and propose.

Remember that it is very okay to feel some anxiety before deciding to propose, so a few nervousness and butterflies in the stomach shouldn’t make you feel inadequate, and start questioning yourself if you are ready. Besides, this is a life decision you are making, and it is okay to get frightened.

On the other hand, if the idea of being in a long-term relationship makes you very uncomfortable and anxious, that could be a huge red flag. It is also important to note that it doesn’t mean that you and your partner should break up just because you feel you are not ready to propose. It might be early to get engaged, or your partner doesn’t want to get married. You both can still be together and wait for the right time.

Your relationship has hit its rough spots, and you made it through them

Speaking of life giving you lemons, turbulent times can break or make your relationship. Have you ever heard couples bragging about how they never get into an argument or fight, and you wince because you understand that is not real?

A couple is never in agreement at all times, so never quarreling or fighting means that one of you is busy burying down their feelings and conceding to the other, or the two of you have not been together for a long time to understand each other and learn how to deal with stress.

Fighting is not a bad thing in a relationship, well, of course, if you do it healthily. In fact, being respectful when fighting allows you to learn a lot of things about each other when you hit the rough spot. Life is not a bed of roses, and things will at times go wrong. But, knowing you overcame everything together is crucial if you are going to propose and spend your life together.

You have reached a milestone

If you are like most couples out there, you probably tell yourself that you won’t get married until you get a master's, promotions, or save enough money to buy a house. In simple words, you want to reach a particular milestone where you will both have the financial stability to get into a serious long-term relationship.

Remember that this doesn’t mean you wait for your whole life to get a job or get your life figured out for you to propose. Instead, you must have everything together, and sometimes achieving a goal together is precisely how you will know it is the right time to propose.

You keep talking about how your wedding day will be

If you are in a relationship with the right person, the chances are you are constantly thinking about your wedding day. You could also be thinking about your wedding theme, the type of cake. Besides, you already know the people you will invite to your wedding and the kind of music that will be played.

In addition, you might start feeling obsessed about weddings and are already excited about the day. If this feeling and anxiety continue for a long time, it might just be the right time to propose.

The idea of sharing the last name excites you

Have you and your partner been talking about how it will feel to have the same last name? If so, that is a sign that the two of you are comfortable with the idea of proposal or marriage. And as much as sharing the last name is not a requirement when getting married, at least you are on the same page, and that is a good sign to move forward and propose.

People are asking

If you are reading this, then the chances are that you are in a relationship with someone that both your family and friends like or adore. Sometimes, your family and friends can predict an engagement even before you know it.

So, if everyone starts asking, then it is done; that could signify that it is time to propose. But it is important to note that not every friend is true to you. Some might be guiding you in the wrong direction, so make sure that it is not that friend of yours who has been divorced a couple of times, giving you marriage advice. But the good news is that people who truly care about you and are in a better position to give you advice might be genuine.

You are both excited about starting a family together

Are the two of you imagining what it would feel like to be parents? Are you picturing kids running around your house? If yes, that could mean that you are both comfortable and don’t feel any pressure or fear talking about kids.

Also, ensure that this discussion is not forced and happens naturally whenever the two of you are together. Talking freely and comfortably about having kids with your partner is an excellent indication that you are headed in the right direction, and it is the right time to propose.

You share almost everything

People have different desires; however, it is essential to make sure that your goals don’t clash with your partner's. Additionally, you should be comfortable making future plans for yourself around your partner and remember that every successful relationship is based on trust and honesty.

You should be comfortable and free to share your ambitions, flaws, feelings, and even your secrets with your partner, without being judged. And if you feel that the two of you share something natural that you can confide in each other, it is time to propose.

Final Thoughts

All relationships are different; however, there are certain things that must be in a relationship for it to be safe and durable. You and your partner must be able to cope with relationship hurdles and emerge victoriously; you must be honest with each other and, more importantly, love one another.

Ensure that you are comfortable being yourself around your partner and, without a doubt, trust in yourself; you already know that it is time to get down on one knee and propose to your partner.

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