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July 1, 2021

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It might seem easy enough to do, but the truth is, when it comes to dating, things can be much trickier than you realize. Here are lots of things that you can do wrong, or should that be, not do the best way, which can impact you meeting people and forming genuine connections.  

Want to make the most of your dating efforts? Want to find the one for you? Then why not take a look at our top tips on how you can date smarter?  

Use all the platforms available to you 

Give yourself the best chance of meeting people by using all the platforms available to you. This includes more modern apps like Tinder and Bumble, online dating, and even gay Dating chat lines, which may be more of a retro approach, but that can still work really well. 

Think about pheromones

Pheromones are ectohormone, which means they act outside the body. They differ from most other hormones because of this factor. Pheromones affect other individuals, not the person who is secreting them.
Now that you know what are pheromones, you may wish to use pheromone body sprays or oils when dating and help to boost your attraction and find the partner of your dreams! 

Think about what might be going wrong and change  

Are you finding it hard to meet the right people, despite your best efforts? If this is true for you, then maybe the time has come to change whatever is not going right. Take some time out to assess what you are doing wrong, whether you’re being too intense on the first date or not putting enough effort in, or whatever, and whether or not there are better ways to date. This will help you to make sure that you are dating smarter. 

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Know what you are looking for 

Another way to make sure that you are dating as smart as possible is to take the time to learn more about what you are looking for in a person. Do you want someone who has the same interests? Someone who is dependable? Someone fun? This will help you work out where to look and cut out the chance that you will be wasting time on people who are not going to be right for you.  

Don’t date everyone and anyone 

You might think that the more people you date, the more chance you will meet the right person. But this is not the case at all. While dating is a numbers game; you want to try and not spread yourself too thinly. Focus on dating quality rather than quantity, and you will be much more likely to meet the right person instead of satisfying lots of wrong people.  

Banish fear 

Of course, dating is scary, that goes without saying, but you need to swallow down that fear and be brave. Fear can stop you from meeting that perfect person, so don’t be afraid. Or, if you are feeling nervous, use that to your advantage. Sometimes nerves can be just what you need to handle, and if you are not scared or feeling nervous about your date, then perhaps that person is not the right person for you.  

We hope that these tips have helped you to work out how to date as smart as possible. It might take a few weeks, a few months or a little bit longer, but we can promise you that one day you will go on a date with the perfect person and you will wonder what all the fuss was about in the past. 

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