What to Do When You're Lonely

July 2, 2021

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Everyone feels lonely at some point in their life. Sometimes loneliness is something that you experience for only a short time, and on other occasions, it can be an issue that you deal with for a lot longer. Feeling lonely isn't pleasant, especially when you feel like it's a long-term problem and that there's no one there for you. But if you're lonely, nothing is going to change if you don't take action and do something about it. Instead of waiting for your life to magically change, there are things that you can do to improve your circumstances and find the company and support that you need.

Find Some New Activities

The best way to get to know new people is often to seek out people with shared interests. Joining a group, a class or any other activity where you get to share something with others can be an excellent way to find companionship and make friends. If there isn't something that you already enjoy that you can use to connect with others, consider trying a new activity that could become a new hobby. You can find both offline and online things to do, allowing you to find something that suits you.

Have a Casual Chat

Relieving loneliness doesn't always have to mean forming deep connections with people. Sometimes all it takes is a casual chat to feel less lonely and form a human connection with someone. That could include using dating apps or calling black phone dates to have a casual or romantic conversation with someone. It could mean going online to chat with someone on a forum or social media. You might strike up a conversation with someone while you're out and about. Being more social in this way could lead to more permanent connections too.

Image from Pixabay - CC0 License

(Re)connect with People

Although you might feel lonely, it doesn't mean there are no people you can lean on when you need someone to talk to or spend time with. It helps to think about who is already in your life and what connections you can rely on. Loneliness can make you miss what's in front of you and convince yourself you have no one. In reality, you likely have friends and family members you can reach out to when you're feeling lonely. Reconnecting with people you might have lost touch with or starting up a conversation with a friend or relative will help.

Connect with Yourself

Sometimes you can feel lonely because you're not very good at spending time with yourself. But learning to love yourself and spend time on your own can help you to feel happier even when you're not surrounded by other people. It's not necessarily a replacement for spending time with others, but it's a productive way to use your alone time. Instead of thinking of it as time when you're not with other people, think of it as a positive thing that you can use for yourself.

No one likes to feel lonely, but there are steps that you can take to relieve your loneliness and feel happier.

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