5 Tips to Protect Your House from Seasonal Damage

July 19, 2022

Collapsed roof - Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Whether the snow outside is frightful or the sun is delightful, there's always a need for protection from seasonal damage. Here are some practical tips to help prevent the worst. 

Get Expert Help

Never try to do something for which you aren't qualified. It will only end in disaster. It can be dangerous and cost you more money. The best thing to do is hire professionals. Each season brings its own problems. Winter brings treacherous freezing, while summer heat can severely damage the outside of your home. And then there are natural disasters such as fire and flooding. Fortunately, you can call experts like 1-800 Water Damage to help prevent such things and expertly restore your home following an unfortunate weather-related incident.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Speaking of the weather, you cannot stop it. However, you can make plans and take action against weather you know is coming. Failing to do so could be disastrous. These days it's easier than ever to keep an eye on the weather. News stations have regular weather reports, especially if adverse weather is incoming. And there are many apps for taking a quick look and setting up alerts. These include Carrot Weather, The Weather Channel, and AccuWeather. And remember, the sun and heat are just as damaging as wind, freezing temperatures, and rain.

Prevent Seasonal Damage with Regular Inspections

Prevention is better than the cure for everything, including your home. But with some regular inspection and maintenance, you can stop a small problem from becoming a major one. For example, suppose you have never checked your roof for damage. In that case, you could be in for a world of hurt when it's either raining, snowing, or a heatwave. Any of these will cause your roof shingles to warp and caulk to fail. And when that happens, well, anything is possible. You will get leaks, mold, dampness, and potential total roofing failure, where it just caves in on you.

Always Maintain the Gutters

There are many essential aspects to your home. But one of the most vital is your gutters. The gutters are crucial because they divert water away from your home. So no matter the season, check frozen clogs when it's cold and dried out blockages of debris when it's warmer. It only takes a few minutes to safely inspect your gutters, and doing so will prevent water damage, rotten wood, and pest infestation. Summer is also an important time to check since storms can clog your gutters with debris that dries. So always check before and after a summer downpour.

Don't Neglect Security

Of course, there's good old criminal activity. Some seasons bring more or less crime to residential areas. For example, car theft increases in the summer as criminals make the most of the opportune timing. However, that's not the only thing they look for. Often, gas prices increase in summer also. So you could wake up to an empty vehicle, or your stored gas might be gone. Then, of course, there's home invasion, which increases massively over the Christmas period. So it's worth investing in home security such as smartphone CCTV. You can see it in real-time from anywhere, set up alerts for sound and movement, and even install face tagging software.


You need to protect your house from seasonal damage each year. You can easily do this by hiring experts, inspecting your home yourself, and installing security against criminals.

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