3 Unique Ways to Include Peppers in your Meals

July 12, 2022

Both home chefs and the professionals are always curious to think about what else can be done with the flavors and textures they love. It might be easier for anyone to stick with what they know but if people only did that, they wouldn’t have found their favorites in the first place. 

Depending on the styles of cooking you might be familiar with, you might think peppers don’t have much of a place in your kitchen but that line of thinking will have you missing out on a world of flavors, textures, and the nutrients our bodies need. For those unsure how to bring peppers into their lives, here’s a few of the most interesting ways. 

Spice up a Glaze

Glazing your favorite meats is a perfect way to make a few staples feel fresh once more. Whether you are making chicken breasts on the grill or having turkey burgers as a quick dinner during the week, getting creative with a glaze can make the same meat feel like a completely different food. 

Taking peppers and making something like a habanero jelly will be a perfect way to wow those who are always at your table. If there’s a concern things will quickly become too hot for those you are feeding, a glaze like this can always be left on the side so everyone eating can throw on only the amount that’s right for them.

Stuffed Peppers

Anyone getting into the world of peppers will quickly learn how absolutely versatile they are. One chef might find that freeing while another might feel a little stressed from all the options. For the stressful types out there, stuffed peppers will be that perfect launch pad you need. 

While it’s not one-to-one, generally think of the things one might put into a soft-shelled taco and build out the rest of your dish from there. Since you are introducing yourself to all the varieties of peppers, best to stick to what you know you like when it comes to the rest of the ingredients. 

The options for a great meal will stretch as far as your creativity, but bell peppers are typically the most common for a dish like this, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start there.

A Perfect Topping

Like with the idea of a glaze, simply having peppers to top off a meal can be a great lesson on how one simple thing can completely change a dish you thought you knew so well. Take pizza for example, when making their own or ordering out, most people go for extra cheese or their favorite meats. Trying a pizza with a few peppers might leave anyone thinking they have a new favorite. 

An idea like that doesn’t have to stop at pizza either. This is also going to be perfect for many other weeknight staples, from pastas to burgers adding peppers is the perfect choice for when you need to breathe new life into something while the thought of trying out an entirely new dish just seemed like too much.

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