4 Important Questions You Need To Ask Before Moving

July 11, 2022

It can be a scary and stressful time when it comes to relocating your family either down the street or to an entire new country. Despite the reasons why you are moving, getting you from point a to point b as swiftly and smoothly as possible is what leads many homeowners beyond exhausted, irritated and over all the little things to do. Below are a few questions to ask yourself as homeowners as well as your moving company who will be helping you in the process of this really big transition.

  1. When Is The Best Time To Move - This is a question many families answer because of their kids being in school. Ideally the best time to move is when your kids aren’t in school, so in the late spring or summer so they aren’t missing anything education wise. Of course that doesn’t always work that way for some relocating homeowners but you try and make the most of it with what you have. It also is easy to move in the warmer months because other families are doing the same thing so finding a home to rent or purchase is an easier process. 

  1. Where Are The Great Schools/ Neighborhoods - A great way to help assist you in finding the right schools and neighborhoods is looking around in the city that you’re moving to and see a similar life to yours at the moment. Some people move because they find the perfect home but realize that the neighborhood is either older or have smaller kids, which is not ideal for those who have kids who are older. Their lives don’t quite match up and it was hard to get to know people who were not in the same season as they were. When it comes to looking at homes, the neighborhood should have schools nearby that will rate them according to the county. You want to find schools with higher numbers which means that they are ranked as one of the best ones in that county. 

Image: Scorpion Septic 

  1. What are the new things you’ll need to know about your home? With a new home it can be intimidating to figure out all the ins and outs of your home. One thing you’ll want to check is your septic tank to make sure it’s functioning properly. If you’re unsure on what to look for or even when to get started, it might be best to hire a professional. If you live in Georgia, the friendly staff at Scorpion Septic can help with concerns, help answer questions and check to make sure that your tank is working in order. This septic pumping business near Dallas, Georgia is there to help you knowing that any concerned is handled with care, professional input and the ability to keep your home lasting a long time

  1. Budget Friendly: While it’s exciting to move to a new state, location or area, you want to make sure that you are moving and having money to budget for other items other then just your home. Take a look at what you spend a month and know that when you move to a new area, your spending habits should be put on hold due to a new mortigate that might take up the majority of your paycheck. Look for free things for you and your family to do together which allows you to explore your new town and have fun together to create new memories. 

Have you worked with a septic company before if you’ve needed to uproot your family? What are the good and bad that you had to deal with? Have you been overwhelmed with having a new home and unsure what to or how to get started with help? I hope these tips can help you with moving and also help answer some questions you have.

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