Amazing Summer Recipes That Will Keep Them Coming Back For More

February 25, 2023

If you are hosting important family get-togethers this summer then you may be on the lookout for some new fancy dishes to serve. You may be tired of the usual buffet-style food that you usually put out for everyone. It doesn’t take a lot to make a hearty summer meal, as you don’t want to be standing over the oven or BBQ for too long. If you need some new meal inspiration then take a look below. 

Pulled Pork

Pulled pork you might be thinking is a winter dish, however, as you don’t need to stand over a hot oven then this makes for the perfect summer dish. All you need to do is put your pork joint in the slow cooker and leave it to cook for around six to eight hours until it all falls apart. This is where pulled pork gets its name from, you can simply pull it apart when it's been cooked to perfection. You can serve this with salad or put it in a sandwich. 

Classic BBQs

There is nothing better than a BBQ in the summer. If you're looking to get a new BBQ to use in the good weather, then you can learn about Kamado Joe grills and discover what size would be a good purchase for you, depending on the size of your yard, and the amount of people you are hosting for. It's always great having everybody gathered outside having a chat with each other. You can invite neighbors, friends, and family, everyone is welcome to a BBQ. The best thing about a BBQ is that you can use disposable plates to save yourself from doing a huge pile of washing up afterwards. There are plenty of dishes you can create when hosting a BBQ, you can do meat and meat-free versions. Make sure there are plenty of buns and dips for people to help themselves to. You could create this 7 layer bean dip recipe

Chicken Kebab

This dish can also be cooked on the BBQ, however, if you don’t want to get it dirty then you can just throw them in the oven. They will be cooked in no time at all, chicken kebab skewers are a wonderful quick meal. These are a healthy substitute to the ones you can get in takeaways, making them yourself takes away a huge chunk of the fat. You will need some form of a skewer, be it wooden or metal. Load the skewers with chicken and veg then pop them in the oven until cooked all the way through. 

Pasta Salad

Finally, if you are wanting a quick dish that will keep for a few days in the fridge then how about a pasta salad? This is not only great for dinners but taking to work for lunch as well. Place it in a big bowl and everyone can help themselves or create little individual pots that are great for grab-and-go. Take a look online for some inspiration on what you can throw into your pasta salads, a common one is tuna, peppers, and sweetcorn. You really can create any salad you like when you mix a load of ingredients together. 

We hope you found some new ideas from this article and that you are busy planning your next garden party so you can show them off. 

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