How To Have An Uncomplicated Move In 2023

February 16, 2023

You hear the words moving day and most will likely grimace. It’s a process in life that only gets that little bit harder once you start accruing more belongings - and more household members. However, not all moving days have to be stressful and if you find yourself at the prospect of moving this year, then there may be some tips that’ll help this process.

Here are a few useful tips to help make your next move less complicated and hassle-free.

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Create a detailed to-do list

To help smoothen the process and to ensure everything is done on time and without fail, create a to-do list. Consider this to be your most detailed to-do list possible and you’ll find that everything falls into place perfectly.

Of course, there are those times when the unexpected may occur but if that were to happen, at least you’ve done plenty to ensure nothing further goes wrong. It also means you can fix these unexpected problems much more quickly without needing to worry about everything else in the process.

Book your removals company early

It’s recommended that you book your removals company as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Many of the best removal companies like iMOVE for example are going to be snapped up early, so it’s important to book them, in advance.

As soon as you have a moving date, get it booked on the day. This is going to help save you a lot of stress but it’s also going to majorly help with the packing process. You’ve got a date to work towards instead of a smaller window where you have to pack frantically.

Declutter and be ruthless

When it comes to reducing all of the belongings you own, consider decluttering where possible. Decluttering is going to help reduce the volume so that it takes a lot less time to pack up your things and move out.

Be ruthless when decluttering and try not to think of everything as being sentimental. Chances are it’s just rubbish.

Start packing as early as possible

Packing is an important part of the process because it’s the difference between being prepared and rushing to the final early hours of the morning on a moving day. 

Make sure that you’ve started packing as early as possible. This will help save a lot of time and hassle. Doing it bit by bit and earlier on, means you’ve only got a few bits left to pack by the week of the move.

Send kids and animals to family or friends for the day

As much as your children and pets are loved, they’re not the best to have around on a moving day. You’ve got one eye on the kids and pets, and then the other trying to pack up belongings for the removal people. Send them to family and friends for the day to make it easier on you.

Having an uncomplicated move is something to aspire for when moving in 2023. Use these tips to make it easier for you.

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