Where to Eat Between Buses Near Victoria Coach Station

February 10, 2023

If you are heading to Victoria Coach Station, you might have realized that you will be traveling through this area during mealtime. You will not need to worry about going hungry between buses as there are so many really enjoyable places to stop and eat in this area. You can get everything from a fancy dinner to a delicious cup of coffee nearby and then be on your way to the rest of your adventures that are planned for your day of travel.

The first thing to do if you are going to look for somewhere to eat in this area of the city is to get your bags into secure storage near Victoria Coach Station. Having your hands free will make shopping, dining, and sightseeing much more relaxing. You can trust that your bags will be safe and secure in the hands of a concierge-based luggage storage service, which offers peace of mind that makes traveling much more fun overall.

Where to Eat Between Buses In the Victoria Coach Station Area

1.       Carlton Lounge

This hip and beautiful location offers you access to superior dining, a full bar, and really good fusion dishes to try. You will find that authentic Indian food has never been better, and this is one of the best places to head for a fancy meal or a filling lunch. You can enjoy excellent service here as well as access to all kinds of different shareable dishes for large groups. This is a great option for both lunch and dinner in this part of the city.

2.       Caffe Nero

This is a chain of coffee shops that are located all over London, and you can count on this stop to get you the caffeine that you need, a pastry, or even a lunch. This is one of the most reliable places to pop in for a coffee break in the whole city, and there is a Caffe Nero location near Victoria Coach Station if you need a pick-me-up between buses or before you head out to your day of adventuring in this area.

3.       Market Halls

This food hall and street market is really close to the Victoria Coach Station, and it can be the perfect place to pop in if you want to have a wide array of food options open to you as well as food that is offered at great prices. There are food stalls from many different places around the world here, which means that you could even find a new favorite kind of food that you have never tried before. This location is easy to access, and there is lots of seating inside the hall itself so that you don’t have to feel pressured to grab and go.

4.       Lime Orange

This lovely little restaurant is a good place to head for bibimbap, and you can also enjoy really good chicken and lamb shawarma wraps that you can take with you if you order ahead. The service here is top-notch, and the wide array of menu options is delightful. You will also want to try the baklava, and you could opt for soup and sushi here as well if you want to sample a bunch of different dishes in one sitting.

5.       The Athenian

If you love Greek food, this is the place for you to head for a meal when you have some time until your next bus at Victoria Coach Station. From gyros to other Greek treats and salads, this place is an ideal quick stop for a delicious meal. You can also order ahead and just drop in to pick up your meal if you don’t have time to sit down and eat here. Finding authentic Greek food can be hard in some places, but this part of the city is the right area to access tasty Greek meals. And, don’t worry, they have all your favorites!

6.       Travellers Tavern

For a pub experience that is everything that you have hoped for, check out Travellers Tavern. You can get a pint, enjoy delicious pub food, and watch sports at this stop. This is a family-friendly location as well, so if you have kids with you, they are welcome! The drink list here is varied, and you can find almost anything that you might want alongside all kinds of classic British fare and shareable plates.

7.       Nando’s

If you don’t have a lot of time for a meal but you don’t want to get greasy fast food, Nando’s has you covered. You can trust this location to offer you speedy service that includes delicious food. You will be able to order online as well and drop in to grab your meal if you are in a big rush. This restaurant offers starters, chicken dishes, sandwiches, burgers, and more. This is one of the best-tasting fast food stops around the city to get a meal. A word of warning, choose your spice level carefully because the hottest level may make your eyes water.

Eating Near Victoria Coach Station is Easy

If you have a quick change between your buses or you have a few hours to kill, there are options for dining in the area of Victoria Coach Station that are perfect for anyone. You can find dining of all kinds here, and you will be able to choose to sit down and have a full meal or grab a delicious quick meal to go. You will never go hungry in this part of the city, and there are so many unique places to grab a bite that you might get to try food that you would otherwise miss out on in other parts of the city.

Make sure that you put your bags into secure storage during your time off the bus so that you can eat in peace and without worrying about the safety of your things. Being able to wander, enjoy your meal, and have your hands free at the same time can offer you lots of peace of mind as you stretch your legs between buses.








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