Fall in LOVE with your Hair with Revair

November 27, 2019

Hey there y'all! I hope each of you is doing fantastic! SO...I want to talk to you about a product that might just rock your world. For a few months now we have had the privilege of trying a new way to dry our hair. We wanna introduce you all to the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer. Well, hello there and how do you do? Get ready to have your hair and mind blown - literally! 

Having a teenage daughter can be hard, so when I have a chance to be a rockstar and bring a totally awesome product home it's a good thing! Sarah loves all things hair and make-up and does a lot of what we call primping in the south. She has EXTREMELY long hair as you can see from the before and after photos. Using a regular dryer can take forever and cause a ton of damage and issues to her hair. RevAir has a sensor that monitors heat levels to minimize the risk of damage to your hair while it dries. It also has an automatic heat shut off that teaches you how to section your hair for perfect results each time.
Plus have I mentioned how amazing it feels to have your hair vacuumed? RevAir dries and straightens hair 3 times faster than other hairdryers and it uses half of the wattage to do it. And because it uses reverse air, you won't have the hot air blowing on your skin while you use it, eliminating the discomfort. RevAir has been tested extensively to guarantee the safest hair drying and straightening experience.
The RevAir is extremely easy to use and leaves our hair looking healthy and feeling silky, smooth and soft! 

RevAir is perfect for all hair types. It works just as well on people with thick hair as it does on people with thin hair. Most people who use this will not need to use flat irons to get their hair as straight as they want it. The few who do still need to use them will most likely greatly reduce the amount of time they need to achieve the style they desire.
The standard device includes the following: 1 Heat Producing Wand, 1 Reverse Air Base Unit, 1 Hose, 1 Live Large Carry All Bag, 2 Flat Elastic Hair Ties, 1 Quick Start Guide, 1 Operation Manual, and 1 Warranty Card. If you purchase the Total Package, you will get the standard device, with the addition of the following: 1 Wand Holder, 1 Flat Elastic Hair Tie, 1 Cinch It Up Round Bag, 1 Up & Atomizer Spray Bottle, 4 Up For Grabs Hair Sectioning Clips, 1 Bundle Up Hair Towel and 1 Mesh Well Accessory Bag.

Revair Black Friday Sale
You don’t have to wait to try out the RevAir for yourself. 
Right now you can get the entire set for $299.00 which was $497! That is a BIG saving. Combine that with 3.5% cashback when using Rakuten.

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