Simple DIY Wooden Signs To Make

November 15, 2019

It’s that wonderful time of year again when the holiday season is upon us and you’re stuck inside wondering what to do. My suggestion would be that it’s the perfect time of year to get all those Do It Yourself projects that you want to get finished just in time for the holidays! You know those types of projects I’m talking about right? If you’re in the mood to start working on some DIY wooden signs to decorate and give to neighbors, friends, and family, there are a few projects listed below that are simple to do in even if you are a beginner when it comes to working with saws and wood tools. 

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels
  1. DIY Wooden Screen Signs - These wooden signs look as if you bought them at an expensive store however they are so incredibly simple to do it yourself. All you need to do is figure out a stencil to create a design that you’re thinking of. I like to use an EZ Screen kit. I also purchased 8 x 10 wood frames that are unfinished. You can find these at your local Home Depot or even Amazon. Using the brown screen printing ink, you can paint the sides and edge of the piece by applying a really thick coat to cover the wood grain. I made sure the stencil was centered and then using a small paintbrush to dap the stencil letters into place. Let it dry overnight and then add a bow to a gift to a loved one! These are perfect for those who love that farmhouse look and want something custom for their home or a sign to put on their front door such as a “Welcome Christmas Spirit.”
  2. DIY Holiday NOEL Sign- This is a popular one that girlfriends of mine and I have done together for a get-together party. Having a wooden NOEL sign is perfect for sprucing up for the porch during the holiday season and it's super simple to make. You need to strip the wood, having an inside of an old dresser drawer front would be perfect for this. And then adding the lettering and a small evergreen wreath to create the “O”. You could also paint the letters on to save some money.
  3. Repurpose Pallet - These are perfect for signs and usually are around your home. Creating a light-up wooden Christmas tree with one of these is the perfect idea to use if you don’t have enough room to put up a real tree in your apartment. You can create this from an old pallet or if you have pieces of reclaimed wood lying around, this would be great as well.
  4. Advent Calendar - You’ve seen all sorts of advent calendars for kids using paper and chocolate to open up but why not create something they can actually touch, feel and use in their rooms. One of my friends made one with a triangle board that resembled a Christmas tree. You can stain it any color you want. Once you have it, arrange your small buckets on the board before you start to nail everything. You can have a few rows of four if you want. You mark each spot with a pencil to remember where you should put your nail and remember to leave room for your buckets to hang. Hammer the nails in place and then stick numbers 1-25 on each bucket, hang them on the nails and them stuff with special treats! Super simple and makes a fun interactive little game for your kids to enjoy and see each day when they get up.

Image: Saw Trax 

There are plenty more ideas to help you create your own project. If you are interested in some items plus the tools to help you create them, one company to help you with all of your questions and concerns is located in the Atlanta area. The company is called Saw Trax. they offer a variety of saws such as the vertical saw which is extremely safer and easier to use than just a table saw, as well as other items too! If you need help moving larger projects from one location to another, they have dollies and hand tools to assist you. Their friendly staff is always eager to encourage, assist and guide you in the right direction to creating your project correctly, safely and efficiently. If you are looking for larger tools, they also help those companies looking for bigger accessories to add to your already existing collection.

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