Give the gift of Art with the smART sketcher Projector

November 20, 2019

Hey there y'all! Do you have a kid or adult on your list that loves to draw? Educational children's toys are a great option for holiday gifts. Be the smartest artist! The smART sketcher Projector injects fun into drawing, coloring and writing with a simple-to-use app or preloaded SD cards. Step-by-step instructions guide small or large hands through the entire process. Download the Free App & send photos from any smart device via Bluetooth, sketch your friend, family member or pet, insert the included pre-loaded 50 themed activity packs. The possibilities are endless! It offers endless hours of playtime along enriched learning focusing on hand-eye coordination. My 2 youngest kids are really enjoying it...I personally wanted it to see if I could use it project images on the sugar cookies I make. I have yet to have a chance to use it for that purpose but really hope to try that out soon. It's very easy to use and set up, it is also easy to take apart for storage. It can be powered batteries and also comes with a cord so it can be blogged into an outlet.

Drawing is easy with the smART sketcher Projector
  • The smART sketcher Projector puts the fun of drawing and writing into the hands of kids
  • Right out of the box, kids can engage in 50+ sketching and learning activities
  • Step-by-step instructions guide small hands through the entire process
  • The smART sketcher Projector puts the fun of drawing, tracing, and writing into the hands of kids using a unique app
  • Kids can use pre-loaded activity packs or purchase smART sketcher activity packs for additional fun content to learn by tracing
  • 2018 Toy Of The Year Finalist - US
  • 2018 Toy Of The Year Winner - Spain
  • 2018 Toy Of The Year Winner - Sweden

smART sketcher Projector Mobile App
  • The smART sketcher Projector App is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store
  • Enabling the free App lets users download their favorite photos from a mobile device via Bluetooth and create endless more activities
  • Download any photo from your mobile device, project it on paper with your connected smART sketcher Projector and sketch like a pro
  • Choose a pre-loaded picture on your smART sketcher Projector, the App gives step-by-step instructions
  • Watch the finished image come to life with sound and movement

Also, the smART sketcher offers expandable activity packs for additional fun and is available for purchase. These sets include museum art collection, greeting card sethistoric architecture set, and much more. For more information make sure to follow them on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Youtube.

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