What To Expect With A Roof Inspection

December 23, 2021

One of the most important components of any property is your roof. Did you know that your roof really deserves a significant amount of care and attention? Why is that? Your roof is literally what is keeping you and your loved ones safe hence when people say “ I’m so grateful for having a roof over my head.” Having your roof inspected twice a year by a Gutter Cleaning Providence company gives you the chance to learn about any potential problems that may occur, addresses before and after emergency issues, and can help right away if there are dangers that are needed to be fixed.

If you are a new homeowner, you’ll want to make sure that your roof is inspected right away. During this inspection process, the inspector will follow a detailed road map that is extremely specific to guarantee that they provide a professional review of your roof. Personally, I would want the inspector to spend as much time as they need to make sure everything looks safe and secure. 

They first begin with a full visual check from the ground level. Not to worry because anyone can attempt to assess your roof from that far away, but they do intend to get their hands dirty by doing a full walk around your property and a visual inspection from below to give them an accurate assessment. They should be pointing out any worn surfaces, writing down if there are any angles or new level surfaces that could compromise your roof and any drainage patterns that you might not be able to see yourself. The inspector looks for mold, proper installation and ventilation as well.

After the inspector takes a look at everything on the ground, it’s time to take a look at everything from above. This means that they get on a ladder and look at your roof. Unless the pitch or height could be too risky, they will be on the roof to make sure the materials that your roof is made up or has any moisture or need repairs. The inspectors also look for any roofing nails that are not fully sunk which can create penetration points in the shingle. They also look at the shingles themselves to notice if any sagging has occurred, dark spots, material buckling, or a sagging roof deck. They are extremely careful during this part as well as looking at your vents, gutters, and chimney if you have one.

Once everything has been reviewed and notes have been written, the inspector will sit down with you and together will come up with a plan of action on what needs to be done sooner rather than later. The plan will also include a course of action as well as estimates as to how much materials, labor and time will cost you and your family. This can also be your chance to ask questions about their company, how many people come, what areas are they targeting, are they licensed and get any reliable testimonies or references from them.

Depending on what type of roofing material you are looking for, this is necessary to talk about to evaluate the surface of your roof. For example, if you want a tile roof, it should be inspected from a ladder for any splitter or racking while if you had a cedar roof, that can decay differently depending on where you live.

Image: Southeastern Roofing Company 

Look for a trusted, reliable and free inspection and estimates from business to help you make an accurate decision on who will be working on your home. One such company that lives in the Atlanta area is called Southeastern Roofing Company. They are one of the best roofing business in the south and truly feel confident with all their employees that they are giving you the best of the best as far as knowledge, time and cost is concerned. This Atlanta roofer inspection is there to assist and guarantee your new roof has a 25-year warranty as well as share financial assistance to help.

They provide one of a kind convenience by working with their customers every step of the way including the first step of filing a claim to installing the roof themselves. They facilitate their clients by saving the most money as they can when it comes to working with their insurance companies as well. They are equipped with the tools and the knowledge of roofing by working several jobs and over time, the business has expanded to more and more satisfied customers. They know that honest and installation are key when it comes to working hard for providing the utmost quality and materials for a solid roof that will last you years. The customer comes first, which is a great relief to me and my family.

If you think your roof needs repair and inspection, look no further then this quality company who wants to make sure you are not only satisfied but assured that your roof is doing its job to protect you and your loved ones.

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