6 Ways To Save Money Before Christmas

December 3, 2021

Christmas is coming up and it will be here before you know it. I always get so insanely stressed about how much money I have to spend before the holidays, so I am gearing up by finding ways to save money (and earn extra money) before the holiday rush gets here. Most of us go to website coupon aggregators so that that we can find great deals on stuff we want, but there are other cost-cutting things you can do. With that being said, let’s discuss ways that I’ve found to save money before Christmas:

Find Extra Jobs

Do you have any skills that you do not currently use at your job? If so, find extra side jobs that will allow you to make extra money and use those skills. For example, if you love children and are great with babies, maybe pick up a few babysitting jobs. If you are great with graphic design, see if you can design some posters, Christmas gifts, or business signs! Small things like walking dogs, painting rooms, pressure washing (if you know how), raking leaves, etc. are also great options. Get creative with your skill set and see what friends, family members, or neighbors are interested!

Sell What You Don’t Need

Think about the influx of gifts that you will have to add to your home very shortly. To prepare, why not get rid of some things that you do not need? Go through your closet, your drawers, your garage, your attic, under your sinks, behind your couches, under your bed(s), and anywhere else where things might be hiding away. Create a pile of things that you want to keep (maybe consider organizing it while you’re at it!!), a pile of things that you want to sell, and a pile of things that you can donate. Selling your old clothes, old kid toys, and even furniture is a fantastic way to make some extra cash before the holiday shopping begins! Don’t just limit it to those things, though. You can also sell things like leaf blowers, vacuums, unused (and unopened) beauty products, air purifiers, and even jewelry, as well. Prestamos por Oro accepts gold, and other valuables in exchange for cash - or asset loans!

Get Rid Of High-Interest Debt

A great way to reduce your “what you need to pay” list is by getting rid of high-interest credit card debt. You are paying SO MUCH in interest each month. Instead of doing that, consider getting an asset loan from Prestamos por Oro instead. They are jewelry buyers in Atlanta, but also give low-interest loans! Exchange those high interest loans for a low-interest loan or sell your gold, diamonds, and other valuables to them and make the most cash possible in the same day.

Refinance Your Home

Interest rates are so low right now, so it is a great time to refinance your home! My friend just did this and is saving $200 each month -- on interest! Keep in mind that you do have to pay closing fees, but you can always roll it in. She ended up paying $3,000 in closing fees, rolled it into her loan, so it will be worth it over time, for sure. If you can do something similar, go for it! 

Consider A New Car

I know this sounds counterintuitive when trying to save money, but once again, interest rates are so low right now! The same friend that refinanced her home also bought a new car and saved at least $100 each month. Plus, she ended up getting the 2020 version instead of her 2018. How wild is that? It added about $5,000 to her total car cost, but she got an upgrade, a few other things that she wanted (upgraded safety features, running boards, a bigger sunroof, etc.), but it lowered her monthly cost and it will save her in interest over time.

Make Your Own Gifts

If you have tried to figure out ways to save money before Christmas and ways to make extra bucks and you are still coming up short, consider making your own Christmas gifts. It is relatively easy to make candles, soaps, picture frames, etc. and your family and friends will love those gifts just as much!

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