How an Accent Wall can add Endearing Effect to Your Baby's Room

December 26, 2021



A baby's nursery is an essential corner of the house, and you want your little one to enjoy every bit of it. Therefore, the nursery is vital to keep everything organized and give them their space. Also, adding attractive elements aids in overall development.

Apart from the basic setup, the room or corner must be visually attractive. The baby must have something to look at. You can achieve it by adding a single statement accent wall. It can drastically change the nursery's look and never looks overboard.

So, let's have a look at some fantastic accent wall ideas for the nursery.

Use a Premium Removable Wallpaper to Create an Accent Wall

One of the best ways to create an accent wall in a baby's room is by installing wallpaper on one wall. The best part is that they are removable, washable, and are available in premium textures, color patterns, and prints. These different styles for incorporating wallpapers are:

  • Create balance and opt for a bold, animal, or floral print wallpaper for the accent wall. You can install wallpapers on all the walls, but make sure the accent wall has different and dominant colors and patterns. The wallpapers on the rest of the walls can be minimalistic with muted tones.

  • Choose a contrasting or complementing wallpaper from the rest of the wall palette for the accent wall. For example, if your wall color is light like neutrals, you can choose a variety of wallpapers.

Add Visual Interest to the Wall

One great way of adding an accent wall is to create visual interest. Choose a wall, which is dominant as it will change the aura of the place. Various forms of adding visual attractions are:


  • You can hang up wall arts like a canvas with illustrations of animals, cartoons, quotes, and kids' stuff. They look very premium and are available in all vibrant and happy colors. The best part is they are affordable, ready to hang, and lightweight. 

In addition, you can mix and match different canvases to form a grid. To explore more, check out fantastic nursery wall art ideas here, available in all styles, shapes, and sizes.

  • Also, you can create an accent wall with a cutout of words like baby's name, 'HOME,' or any relatable word. Then, add warm light to it and hang all sorts of wall-hanging toys.

  • Mix and match all sorts of wall hangings woven macrame, wall sconces, a canvas, a lighted cutout of words, and decorative pieces. The mix and match, when done accurately, looks very graceful and make a striking accent wall.

A Personalized Accent Wall

A timeline of photos displayed on a large wall will look like a dream come true. You can create the timeline of the baby's journey with all the pictures of loved ones. 

You can use canvas prints, photo print hangings, create a collage, and accessorize it with light and all pretty things.

A Classic Shiplap Wall

A shiplap wall is trending again because of its graceful looks. The vintage-style wooden long vertical panels can be arranged vertically or horizontally. The former gives the illusion of a tall ceiling, while the latter makes your space appear more prominent. 

You can paint it light to introduce softness and the baby's aura. A dark color shade wall match with neutrals gives a sense of character and depth. They look fantastic and bring vintage and classic texture.

Functional and Pretty Accent Wall With Organizers


The accent wall can also meet utility with pretty wall organizers. For example, you can add a slightly different apple to the accent wall and mount gorgeous vertical shelves. The best choice is floating or ledge shelves. 

You can place cute baby toys, show Pieces and plants, and neatly arrange everyday essentials. The shelves are best for putting photo frames and other decorative pieces. In addition, the shelves are available in beautiful carvings and colors, and you can organize them in any pattern.

Go for Out the box Mural

Go different, paint, and draw a mural. The mural on the wall looks immensely versatile, and all the colors and illustration levels up the overall look significantly. 

You can hire an artist or draw it yourself. The efforts and display will amaze everyone. You can choose a floral, animal: forest, or imaginative and creative murals.

Let's Wrap it

The creation of a single accent wall in the baby's nursery will instantly change the mood of the place. It becomes the room's focal point; the visual appeal is good for the baby and creates a happy and warm environment. 

So, you don't have to move mountains to buy costly things or fill the room with so many decorative elements. Instead, you can upscale the space by creating a simple accent wall. 

You can wallpaper, add wall decals, wall arts, or texture it. So, find that particular wall and build a great accent wall in the baby's room.

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