3 Things You Can Do To Bond With Your Teen

October 20, 2020

When your children were young, you probably had little trouble finding ways to bond with them. From having fun in the kitchen with baking and crafts to helping with them with their homework projects, you may have spent a great deal of time with your kids. 

But as your children have grown older with the passing of time, those times for bonding may have diminished. They might be more interested in spending time with their friends at the weekend than having time with you, and their eyes might linger longer on their smartphones than on you. 

It can be frustrating, we know, especially when those bonds of old become fragile. Still, don't give up hope. If you need to reconnect with your teen, here are some suggestions we hope you find useful.

#1: Save the world together

Today's teens care about real-world issues, and they want to make the world a better place. They have grown up and witnessed first hand the effects of global warming and the injustices that are inflicted upon minority groups. Many teens want to do something to help, so take advantage of this. Find out what causes your teen is passionate in, and do something together. You might both volunteer at a homeless shelter, for example, or you could fundraise together on behalf of a local or global charity. Not only will you both do your bit to save the world, but you should also bond with one another through this shared experience. 

#2: Take an interest in their interests

Some parents take the opposite approach. If they see little point in their teen's hobbies, they criticize rather than take an active interest. Don't be that parent! You might only damage the bond you have with your teen if you do, so protect it by getting involved in some way. So, you might talk to them about the sports they play, and go to their sports games to cheer on from the sidelines.  Heck, you might even wear one of these personalized senior football mom shirts to show your support to your teen's team! You could sit with them and play a video game too, read a book they are reading so you can have a discussion with them about it later, and show an interest in any other activity they like to get involved in (so long as it's healthy and legal).

And if your teen is a budding scientist or inventor, support their interest by asking about what they need to pursue their passion, be it your time, resources, tools, or financial support. Acknowledge that parents don’t always know everything, and they might not have a clue on what to do to support their children’s interest beyond encouraging them verbally. The good news is that you can always talk to your teen and ask them what they need. As a show of support, you can also sign up for a hands-on STEM kit subscription to provide your teen with activities related to their interest that will challenge them mentally.

#3: Create time in your schedule

When it comes to parent-teen bonding, you might be the person who is preventing it from happening. If you're always in work mode, or more interested in your TV shows of an evening, you might never have that quality time to spend with your teen. So, find time in the week for family movie nights. Enjoy a date night with your teen, perhaps by going to the cinema or by eating out. And go for a walk with them during the weekend, or take part in any other activity that you both might enjoy. If you make the effort, your teen will be more likely to make an effort too, so mark out time on one another's calendars.

Thanks for reading, and happy bonding!

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