How To Lower Your Anxiety About Going Out In Public

October 21, 2020

Experiencing anxiety related to the reopening during a pandemic is normal. This is something that most of us (if not all) have never gone through before, so we are all in new territory. Let me say it again: IT IS NORMAL TO FEEL ANXIOUS! There are ways to lower your anxiety, however, and slowly get back to normal life, once you are ready, and that is what I want to talk about today. How do you lower your anxiety about going out in public? Let’s discuss.

Wear A Mask And Bring Sanitizer

First of all, if you are nervous about catching COVID-19 or potentially giving it to someone else, learn about the safety measures that you can take while going out to protect yourself and others against COVID. It is important to learn about what you can do, but also finding out the health and safety measures that your city or businesses are doing to protect their people/customers is important, as well. Two easy steps that you can take to protect yourself and others? Wear a mask and bring sanitizer! Make sure your sanitizer is alcohol-based and preferably, it does not have artificial fragrance in it (that lowers your immune system!).

Stick To Outdoor Spaces

When you are first getting out, it can help your anxiety levels significantly if you stick to outdoor spaces. If you want to go to a restaurant, find a place with a nice, spacious patio. Alternatively, you could order to-go food and have a picnic yourself in a park! Not only would you get to enjoy food that you didn’t make, but you would more than likely have a beautiful setting, as well. Kennesaw Mountain, Piedmont Park, and The Marietta Square are all great options for an outdoor picnic.

Contact Sean Wheeler

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If you are struggling with stress and anxiety about going out in public due to COVID, contact Sean to see how he can help you. You can book a private session OR a free consultation to get started today.

Follow Your Feelings

Just because other people are starting to go out and your city is beginning (or already) to reopen does not mean that you should feel ready to get back to life before COVID right away. Make decisions based on how you personally feel and based on your health risks, as well. If you choose to be more cautious because you’re part of a high-risk grou

p, or for any other reason at all, it’s more than okay to wait to see how reopening goes before resuming activities in public.

Up Your Immune Health

Last but not least, up your immune health. There are many ways to do this and nothing is “right” or “wrong,” but I personally love upping my Vitamin D (with K2) -- Seeking Health is a great option, whole food Vitamin C (like camu camu), and getting outside more. Don’t forget to also take a vitamin and drink a lot of water + consume healthy foods. Elderberry syrup, such as Sweet’s, is also a great option! My friend, Alex, has a whole post on the benefits of elderberry syrup which was really interesting & I’ve started to take it because of that.

Experiencing anxiety related to reopening during COVID-19 is normal. It’s possible to overcome your anxiety by focusing on the facts, following your feelings, understanding the risks, and learning about safety measures. Keep an eye out for signs that you or your loved ones may be having trouble coping, and seek help from a mental health professional if necessary.

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