5 activities to do this holiday season

November 11, 2020

The holiday season is upon us, which normally means lots of drinking, eating and socializing. However, the holidays are looking a little different this year. The global pandemic means that we can’t socialize and celebrate how we might usually. We need to socially distance, wear face masks and regularly wash our hands to keep each other safe.

While 2020 hasn’t been the great year we hoped for, it doesn’t mean that the holiday season is doomed. If you’re feeling a little uninspired, here are some ideas for activities this holiday season.

Take a road trip

In most cases, traveling abroad isn’t feasible this year. However, all is not lost. You can still go on an exciting road trip. Try driving somewhere new and seeing some cool sights. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous why not try driving a new vehicle, such as an RV or motorcycle? Just make sure that you drive safely – especially when the roads are icy. Motorcycles, in particular, can be more dangerous than standard modes of transport - if you do happen to have an accident, speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston, and make sure you get any injuries checked immediately. The holiday season doesn’t mean you should be lax on safety. 

Have snowball fight

OK, so social distancing means that you can’t do activities indoors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a socially distanced snowball fight. Make the most of the colder temperatures by engaging in some snowy activities and getting fun-filled exercise. The kids will love it if the whole family gets involved. Don’t forget your gloves! 

Do some baking

The festive season means eating lots of delicious food – and this year is no different. Considering there will be fewer parties to go to and less activities generally, now is a great opportunity to put your baking skills to the test. Think big. Gingerbread, cakes, cookies, puddings – you name it. The kids will love getting involved and decorating, too. The eating is a bonus!

Put up festive lights 

We all need to work hard to spread festive cheer this year. And what better way than decorating your house with sparkly lights? Hang fairy lights and decorations inside and outside, to give those walking past something to smile about. There’s nothing more festive than walking around your neighborhood and eyeing up everyone’s decorations. It tends to get a little competitive, too.  

Arts and crafts 

Christmas is a great time to be creative. With gift giving in full swing, everyone loves receiving a personal gift that has been handmade – especially by the kids. So, why not dabble in some arts and crafts? Get the glitter and glue and make some Christmas cards, or try something more “out there” like knitting or pottery. There’s no better time to test your skills and pick up a new hobby. Arts and crafts are a great activity for all the family.

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