Is Pandemic Dating Okay?

November 17, 2020

Long-term couples have had to put a lot of plans on hold during the pandemic. Some couples have preferred postponing their wedding day until it’s safe to throw a big party with relatives and friends. 

Indeed, social distance restrictions have made it tricky to enjoy the sweetness of love life. Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t get married during a pandemic. On the contrary, you can throw a more intimate party. Couples who booked large venues have chosen to downsize their party, planning a small wedding with only a few selected friends and relatives. Others have embraced their romantic sides and decided to elope, making their wedding day as unique as possible. Indeed, the pandemic offers the perfect opportunity for a memorable and remote wedding that feels magical. 

But while couples who already know each other can adjust their plans to the pandemic, those who are getting to know each other need to get creative to establish their relationship. Dating during the pandemic is not impossible. But it goes without saying: Things are different on the dating scene with covid fears. How can you make dating work during a difficult time? You need to make health a priority, both limiting infection and supporting your emotional needs. Here are some tips to make pandemic dating possible. 

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How do I meet new people?

There’s no denying it. The opportunities to meet new people have changed. If you are more confident meeting people in a face-to-face environment, such as by joining new classes or attending an event at a local bar or venue, chances are you can’t fall back into your dating routine. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t meet new people. Dating apps and sites have become a romantic force during the pandemic, especially as more and more singles reach out to the digital world to make connections. 

It becomes essential to establish a trust baseline on a dating site. Thankfully, you’ll find that a lot of people are cautious about face-to-face interactions. Therefore, you may find updated profiles that mention socially distant behaviors and covid concerns. Most people are upfront about their covid approach, so you can easily post reckless individuals. 

Socially distant meetings are a thing

What’s the next step once you’ve connected on a dating app? The typical progression would be to plan a first date. However, at a time where restaurants are shutting down to avoid health risks, it may not be safe or easy to proceed with an actual meeting. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t set up time together to get to know each other better. While the typical dinner or coffee date may not be suitable for now, you can arrange a cyber coffee on a video call. Indeed, tools such as Facetime and Zoom are playing a significant role in day-to-day life. So, why not make them part of your dating scene too? You can get creative with a video chat, using it to join a dance party together from your respective living rooms or to share a cup of coffee across the distance. It can help break the ice and start the conversation flowing. 

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Is it safe to meet IRL?

Health experts advise against forcing physical meetings. However, you can’t date someone online forever. Ideally, before arranging for a meeting at a safe place, you want to have the covid talk. Has your date been covid-conscious and avoided risks in the past? Have they been self-isolated ahead of the meeting to ensure they’re not carrying the virus? Do they have any suspicious symptoms? Have they been around people who could potentially be carriers of the virus? It does seem like an awkward talk, but it is one you want to have when your health is at stake. 

A brief reminder, though, that being covid-safe doesn’t mean you can avoid all the potential consequences of an intimate encounter. If the date has been great and you’ve ended up spending the night together, do make sure you’re on top of your contraception routine. Indeed, pregnancy rates are increasing during the pandemic, as covid fears are taking over contraception worries. If you don’t have the morning after pill, you can get it online easily. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes. 

There’s been a lot of positivity for couples during the pandemic. It’s important to remember that while dating can feel a little bit awkward in this tough situation, many happy stories can testify that pandemic dating is a great thing. Take, for instance, this young Briton who connected to an American woman on Facebook and is now engaged to her. For young couples who have been isolated together, many have reported that their relationship improved in quarantine. The bottom line: pandemic dating is not just okay; it could even be the way to find your darling! 

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