Experiencing Seasonal Depression? Here’s How You Can Heal

January 6, 2022

The colder months can feel like a great break from the constantly rising temperature but also have a few setbacks. For starters, the low amount of sunlight that we get can wreak havoc on many people’s internal mood stimulators. This is one of the most common causes of seasonal depression or SAD. If you feel tired, demotivated, morose, and just downright blah for over two weeks once winter sets in, you’re probably having a case of emotional dysregulation caused by the seasonal change where everything looks stark instead of vibrant. One of the major concerns for those experiencing SAD is lower productivity, which can affect their job security. Today, we’re going to talk about a few effective methods that you can apply and find some relief from seasonal depression until spring arrives.

  1. Try getting a UV light: Until Late February and early March, the daylight will be limited in most countries, which means you’ll probably be leaving office long past sunset. Lack of sunlight does a number of your mood regulators, leading to confusing feelings of sadness and deep depression. To battle these emotions and help your body regulate dopamine and oxytocin healthily, get a sun lamp that you can use when you’re at home. This will make up for the lack of sunlight absorbed, which is responsible for boosting your mood.

  2. Use humidifiers: The air can be very frigid and dry during the winter. This leads to all kinds of illnesses and especially increases the risk of contracting the novel Coronavirus. With so many new variants rising every day, it is important to keep your lunch healthy. Installing humidifiers at home, or at least by your bedside, will help in keeping the air healthy (plus point for air filters with humidifiers). You will also have better skin health and avoid nose bleeds due to the cold weather.

  3. CBD for mood management: CBD has turned out to be a champion in alternative medicine as well as therapeutic drugs to help in mitigating the symptoms of depression. The same can be said about SAD, where exploring more into the concept of vaping CBD extracts legally can help improve your mood and chase away the winter blues. With benefits such as mood regulation, it can help you sleep better so that you feel more stable during the day. Since people are bound to feel more tired in the winters, CBD and THC both can help beat chronic fatigue.

  4. Exercise or get some movement: Exercising and working out is one of the best ways to increase the dopamine levels of the body. Challenge yourself to become a fitter version of yourself and watch how your body feels happier, leading to a productive day.

  5. Meditate and journal: Meditation can help you observe all the emotions you are feeling without judgment, and journaling helps you get them all out on paper. Practicing both of these tools will help you deal with negative emotions and turn them into positive insight.

Wrapping Up

Not only do these methods help handle seasonal depression, but you’ll also find a sense of fulfillment in life if you use them correctly to establish a routine. We hope that you can change the narrative and make the most of this season, turning SAD into greater understanding and compassionate healing!

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