4 Weekend Getaways To Plan In NJ And Around It

January 3, 2022

Let's plan a weekend for you a little away from the buzz of the city. Let's give you a little break from what you have been doing every day and night without catching your breath. New Jersey has some very incredible options and destinations that you can choose from. Some of the most popular spots are Atlantic City, Cape May, and Ocean City. These charming towns with beautiful streets are enough to elevate your mood and rejuvenate your senses. Let's get you in on a few tips to get the most out of your weekend vacation. Here you go:

Photo by Dan Mall on Unsplash

1. Sample The Farm Life
If you decide to visit the Historic Borough of Flemington in Hunterdon County, don't forget to check out the beautiful stone buildings and cute shops. You can enjoy the picturesque view of the Main Street Manor as well. You can also find several reputable gourmet chocolate shops that come highly recommended in this part of New Jersey. It's as if you have traveled several years backward in time. 

2. Bask In The History And The Wine
This city is all about enjoying the historic marvels that it is studded with. Do you know that the Mays Landing Waterfront Town dates back to the 1700s? You will also be able to find several Victorian-style inns in this area that will take you back to the time of Native Americans in the mid-1800s. 

3. Enjoy A Great Homestay/Rental
One of the most exhilarating and satisfying experiences that you are going to enjoy and remember for your whole life is staying in a homestay or rental that you can call your own for a few days or weeks. You can enjoy breakfast in bed. Laze around till late and probably go for a walk or ride your bike along the Boardwalk. Yes, if you have opted for an Airbnb in Ocean City for a few days, it becomes very easy to explore the local markets, shops, cafes, restaurants, and much more. And the best part is that you don’t have to follow a fixed routine. You are your own boss for as long as you choose to stay in any of these rental spaces.

4. Waking Up To A Delicious Breakfast
So, perhaps you were a little too busy the last time you visited this place. Let this vacation be a little different. When it comes to breakfast, OCNJ has some of the most amazing tastes and flavors you can sample. You can enjoy the local cafes and restaurants that open up quite early. They will be buzzing with local crowds as well as visitors throughout the day but nothing so stressful that you would feel discouraged to try their all-day breakfast menus. This is the perfect spot for a December getaway and if you want to enjoy the springtime, April will be the perfect month for you.

You Deserve This Break

You deserve this break more than anybody else. You have been toiling and working hard in your office day and night. It is only fair to let your hair down a little and enjoy what this little yet beautiful city has to offer. From independent restaurants to stand-alone theatersquaint NJ coffee shops, and beachside shacks, you have something for everyone right here. Let's not forget to enjoy every second while you are in NJ. 

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