4 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

January 27, 2022

Owning a dog is a major responsibility. All too often, owners are so excited about getting a dog that they don't research what it means to be a responsible pet owner beforehand. Dogs need structure, security, and all the tools needed for them to grow healthy and strong. If you can't provide this to a dog, then you shouldn't be an owner, period. You should also know a thing or two about dog behavior before you welcome one home. Here are some common mistakes dog owners make.

Image by Zigmars Berzins from Pixabay

Picking the Wrong Dog

The very first thing you have to do is pick the right dog for your family and your situation. Some dogs will need a lot more space than others. This might become an issue if you don't have a big backyard or live in a tiny apartment. You also have dogs that are great with children while others could be dangerous. This is why you need to study as many dogs as you can before you make your final decision.

You have to look at your living quarters and how many people are in the house. Your experience with dogs will also make a difference. There are dogs that first owners should avoid at all costs while others are much gentler and more compliant.

You need to think about maintenance as well. Some dogs will be okay with being a bit more sedentary while others demand a lot of exercises. And don't make the silly mistake of picking a dog only because it looks good. Dogs like huskies might look gorgeous, but you'd be surprised by how feral and destructive they can be. Also, buying a husky if it gets hot where you live will be pretty much like torture to them. So, pay attention to all these things before you pick a dog.

Not Learning About Different Dog Issues

Another thing you should do when picking a dog is determine the kinds of issues that they are prone to. Some dogs will be more susceptible to things like back issues, for instance. Other dogs will suffer from digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome more often. This is something that many dogs will have to deal with in their lifespan, however, so we suggest that you read up on it right now. If you want to know what to feed a dog with IBS and what the causes are, you can check out Native Pet's guide. You’ll learn exactly what IBS is, what the common symptoms are, and how to treat it. You'll also learn what you can do to avoid it from developing in the first place.

Not Training or Socializing the Dog Properly

For some reason, some owners seem to think that dogs will learn how to behave on their own or that they don't need formal training. While not all dogs will need to go through extensive training, you should at least have them trained by a professional for a short while. Doing this alone will prevent them from developing destructive behaviors we often see in dogs.

Socialization is also extremely important for a dog, and you have to get them familiar with different environments, dogs, and situations. They must also learn how to behave properly around strangers and children.

If you don't socialize your dog properly, they might develop some phobias and all sorts of other behavioral issues. You should also know that socialization is not only for pups but for older pets too. Start as soon as you can and introduce your dog to other dogs slowly. Don’t go to an overcrowded dog park as their first socialization experience. This might overwhelm and scare them. 

One thing you could do is invite one of your friends who has a dog over so they can meet in an environment that’s familiar to them. You can then start walking them around the neighborhood. Once you notice that your dog is more comfortable in different environments, you can think about taking them to a dog park.

Neglecting Exercise

Dogs are active creatures, and if you’re not active yourself, then you might want to think twice about getting one. Even the tiniest dogs need to see the sun from time to time. If you’re getting a dog like a Labrador retriever, a border collie, or a German shepherd, then be prepared to have to take them out a lot. If you don't, they will start getting destructive and depressive. Everyone in your home should do their part, so make sure that everyone is responsible if you don't want to end up having to rehome the dog.

These are all mistakes dog owners should avoid. You have to be ready to provide a good environment for your dog and know some of the challenges of owning one before you start looking so you can avoid disastrous issues.

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