This Is What Happen when You Join A Wine Club

January 6, 2022

If you are a wine enthusiast who wants to explore more varieties but doesn't know where to start, joining a club can be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Apart from taking care of your worries, there is an abundance of benefits in clubs that only experience can tell. Wine subscription is a smart way of having the best bottles delivered to your home. It saves you from the headache of stocking up and eases your consumption.

What other benefits are there in club membership? Let's find out below;

Expand Your Tastes

If you want to stop
purchasing the same old Rioja or Sauvignon Blanc now and again, then club membership is for you.

Why on earth would you stock up a cellar without varieties? Doing it solo can get you in a bit of wine-drinking rut. Wine clubs offer discovery as part of their service. Their sommelier takes the decision-making burden off you by selecting new bottles for you based on your taste records.

So if you are interested in discovering some amazing new vinos every other month, joining a club is the way.

Gain Access to Limited Releases and Rarities

Some drinks are just too rare to be found on bar shelves. Either because they are limited releases or rarities. The only way you can come across them is through a club. Here's why?

Some producers make exclusive release deals with wine clubs. The purpose is to allow their product to reach a broader audience. Such products are made in limited quantities and can only be found in the clubs that sign the deals.

Hunting down exclusive releases or rarities yourself can be a futile endeavor. You can find them if you are lucky. But you would have spent enough time, effort, and money.

Bottles to Your Preferences

Wine clubs take a data-based approach to their services. Rather than just sending you random bottles every month, they use your information to send the right tastes your way.

Today's clubs use advanced algorithms and surveys to determine the exact vinos you will find enjoyable. When you sign up for a monthly wine subscription, modern clubs use a history of your preferences to refine your monthly offerings. As a member, you get the flexibility to adjust your preferences at a moment's notice. Yet, you need not fear what's in your next box.

Club Members Get Discounts

This point is obvious. Members of a wine club get exclusive pricing on wines. Whichever type of drinker you are, you could benefit from discounts offered by clubs. Typically, buying three or more bottles per month through a club can earn you discount on each bottle.

Most clubs also offer free delivery on moderately priced bottles. From them, you buy cheaper than the regular retail price. You spend less for a great value.

Bottom Line

Joining a club is a fun way to spice up your drinking experience. You get quality bottles based on your preference, and you can try out varieties that are custom-curated for you.

The discount pricing is also a catch. You can expand your horizons and rekindle your love for vinos without breaking the bank.

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