What to Expect from Professional Toilet Installation Services?

February 25, 2022

Plumbing services like toilet installation, repair, and replacement are essential for your home. Hiring an expert for the task will save you the time and effort of doing it yourself.

While most people know that a plumber can install a new toilet, they may not know what exactly goes into this process. Here's what to expect from toilet installation services.

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A Detailed Inspection of Your Toilet

Before any work can be done, your plumber will need to do a more thorough evaluation of your toilet. This way, all factors that could affect installation can be identified. After this, you will need to sign off on the inspector's findings.

These findings may include problems like corroded bolts or faulty flanges. Tell your plumber about these issues before they are repaired if you don't want to incur further costs.

Planning the Installation

Once you have signed off on the findings, your plumber will plan the installation process. They will look for ways to save time and money while still giving you high-quality work.

It may involve taking apart the old toilet or removing sections of your wall. A plumbing expert can also recommend which type of toilet will work best for your home.

Removal of the Old Toilet

Before your plumber begins to install a new toilet, they will first remove the old one. It is usually straightforward with most toilets, but some may be anchored to the floor or wall to prevent them from moving when you sit on them. If this is the case with your current toilet, then you'll need to hire a plumber for assistance.

Depending on how you originally installed the plumbing lines, the professional may need to make a hole in your floor or wall. They will determine this after they do a visual inspection.

Installing the New Toilet

The third step is to remove the packing from the new toilet and set it down in a position where all connections can be made with ease. The plumber will then prepare your floor for installation by setting a wax ring, putting caulking around the unit's base, and placing a couple of squares of wax paper in the flange.

They will then connect the tank to the toilet bowl with bolts and set it in its final position. The last step is to attach your water supply line, check for leaks, and test the unit to ensure it's working correctly.


The fourth and final step is the cleanup phase. The plumber will clean up all messes they have created during installation and ensure that everything is neat before they leave. They will also remove your old toilet if you'd like to get rid of it or save it as a spare, but this is not required.

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Checking for Any Other Issues

The plumber will also check for any other issues that may need to be addressed and let you know if more issues with your system need attention. They will inspect the floor and walls for any damage that may have occurred while removing the old toilet. If holes were made in the wall or floor, they would need to be patched before finishing up.

All these steps can seem overwhelming but remember, a plumber has been doing this for years and knows what must be done.

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