Tips For Caring For Your Baby's Hair

February 1, 2022

As a parent, the joy of seeing your baby healthy, happy, and beautiful can never be explained. No doubt, healthy babies are active babies, and parents need to pay complete attention to their child's overall health to keep them physically, mentally, and emotionally strong.

Your baby's hair is one of the most prominent features that can show how much care he receives. Because the hair and scalp of babies are tender, extra care is needed to keep them healthy and attractive. Also, sweating, skin irritation, and other skin reactions may increase due to the season, especially in the summer.

However, with these meticulously gathered hair care tips, keeping your baby's hair fresh, smooth, and healthy all year round will be a breeze.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

1. Wash the hair properly

We all know that washing hair is a good health care routine. But for babies, you need extra care due to their soft skin to not make their scalp go dry. Avoid washing the hair too often; washing once a week is just enough to keep the hair in good shape. Your baby will usually stay indoors within the first few weeks, so there's little chance of getting exposed to dirt. 

2. Perform oil Massage 

Oil massage isn't only good for your baby's hair; it's healthy for the entire body. The practice helps to keep your child's skin delicate, fresh, smooth, and supple. It improves blood circulation throughout the body and hair pores, making the hair grow healthy and visually appealing. Also, oil massage is a proven therapy for relaxing the baby's body, promoting sleep and preventing dandruff. 

3. Combing the hair

Although a simple, enjoyable act, combing your kid's hair regularly can go a long way in stimulating the porous openings of his scalp and boosting healthy sebum production. Nonetheless, you should avoid going overboard while doing this. Comb gently and use a large tooth and soft-bristled comb to make things easier. Comb at most twice a day and only moderately. Repeatedly combing your baby's hair can stress the hair and cause hair breakage or even irritate the scalp.

4. Use the Right Shampoo

Ah, shampoo! You just knew we were getting here soon. If your baby is over six weeks old, you probably would have a list of suggestions on what to use to improve their hair health, and shampoo will usually be one of them. Shampoos help keep babies' scalp clean and loosen cradle caps. And as in adults, a clean scalp is a fertile ground for hair growth.

Since there are various types of shampoos today, it's essential to use only the right kind to get the desired results. Use only tear free baby shampoo as they are gentle and do not have a strong fragrance which may irritate the scalp or even the eyes.

If you're just starting, apply only a few drops of tear-free baby shampoo on your kid's hair, and that will be sufficient. As they grow, you may increase the quantity gradually to ensure that the shampoo works effectively. 

Finally, other highly recommended ways to promote healthy hair growth will be by maintaining a nutritious diet, detangling your child's hair if it's curly and tangled, applying gelatin to the scalp, and so on. Undoubtedly, healthy hair contributes to a healthy lifestyle and makes your child look beautiful and fresh.

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