Quirky Ways To Surprise Your Partner This Year

February 21, 2022

The New Year is in full swing, and it is time to refresh your relationship. Whether you have just started the journey together or have been together for years, surprises make the key to a healthy relationship. They keep the romance going and show how special you are to each other. But think beyond flowers and gifts this year, and pick a quirky one to take your couple goals a notch higher. You may fall short of ideas, so we have some good ones for you. Here are some quirky ways to surprise your partner this year.

Image by TĂș Anh from Pixabay 

Leave fun reminders

The best way to surprise your soulmate is by connecting with them out of the blue. Leaving fun reminders in the most unexpected places is a good idea. You can pack a love note with their lunch or hide one under the pillow. Try texting a kinky joke or picture in the middle of the hectic workday. You can even call them randomly and say the three magic words. "Unexpected" is the keyword!

Tick something on their bucket list

If you have been together for some time, you will probably know the items on your partner's bucket list. This year, chase the goal of ticking something off this list. You may take them for a surprise holiday at a resort they have always wanted to check out. Book a table for two at a posh restaurant they often talk about. Surprise them with a paragliding adventure if they love thrilling sports.

Surprise in the bedroom

There isn't a better way to show your love than surprising your partner in the bedroom. Wrap yourself in a new lingerie set and let them unwrap the surprise. You can buy them a real whizzinator XXX as a bedroom gift for both of you. Take initiative more often and invite your partner for erotic games and experiments. Anything that spices up things in bed makes an incredible gift for your loved one. 

Tackle their to-do list

Love is not just about getting cozy with your special person. It is also about acts of service, and you can do it by tackling their to-do lists for them. Drive the kids to the school before they ask you to do it. Surprise them with random acts of kindness, such as prepping their favorite meal, washing the dishes before they wake up, or bringing breakfast to bed on the weekends. Resolve to do it more this year.

Encourage your partner to have more alone-time

Alone time is good for mental health, and it breeds healthy relationships by giving more space. Surprising your partner by encouraging them to have more alone time is a good way to show your love. You can look after the kids and send them to lunch with friends or a solo coffee date. Even better, book a solo trip for your partner this year. They will love you more for showing concern.

Pamper your loved one more this year, and you will get benefits as a couple. These simple surprise ideas are easy to implement and promise to do wonders for your relationship.

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