A One Stop Shop To Auctioning With Peachtree And Bennet

April 7, 2018

Auctions can be a lot of fun! When you’re thinking of buying or selling anything via your home, things you’ve accumulated in your home or wanting to purchase something for yourself or a friend, auctions are your one stop shop to find those hidden treasures! Auctions are truly a win-win for everyone! How’s that you ask?

The sellers are able to obtain immediate cash and the buyers are able to purchase properties at a market value. The price is also determined by an open, competitive bidding. Across the country, various professionals are increasingly turning to the auction as a marketing tool. But how do they help both the buyer and the seller?

The seller knows that the buyers are truly there to purchase their item or their house. It’s an assurance that the property will be sold at a market value and it can really help accelerate a sale if a house has been on the market too long. One of the most exciting things that can happen if you’re looking at an estate sale, is that it can create a competition among buyers auction price and can help really exceed the price of a negotiated sale! If someone is pretty competitive when it comes a home, you can hope to get an even better than asking price out of the deal!

What about the buyers? The buyers know that the seller is committed to their sell. The buyers help to determine the purchase price and by having an auction, it eliminates long negotiation periods, reduces the time to purchase the property and the buyers know that they are competing fairly and on the same terms as all the other buyers. It’s also a smart investment as properties are being purchased at a market value through competitive bidding. Although the closing dates and purchase dates may be unknown, the buyers know they are getting a great deal on what they are bidding for!

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Who should help you when you’re looking to auction something or real estate?
Your one-stop shop for all things involving quality auctioning is Peachtree Bennett Auction Gallery. After 30 years in business in New York City, Peachtree & Bennett consolidated its operations in Atlanta in 2010. Their expert appraisers bring in quality antiques and collectibles from Manhattan and New England, as well as from across the South, for their lively monthly auctions at the Scott Antiques Market. For sellers, they offer comprehensive, cost-effective options, whether you want to sell an entire estate or just a few pieces. Peachtree & Bennett’s unparalleled customer service, our diverse sales venues, and their innovative marketing have established us as the premier auction house in Atlanta.

Peachtree Bennett Auction Gallery has become a recognized estate liquidators in the Atlanta area and a cornerstone auction house in Atlanta antiques and estate appraisal services. Their personalities are seen in their team’s integrity and natural generosity for all that come into contact with them. In addition to their retail operations, they also offer alternative buying and selling opportunities to those who do not wish to partake of the auction venue. They also offer an unforgettable auction experience through various services that are designed to meet each clients needs. They have an extensive buyer’s platform that makes them a regional market leader.

Image: Peachtree and Bennett 

If you’re looking help with your estate sale, Peachtree Bennett is your go to help with everything you may need. They hold the sale at your premises, typically over two to three days. They will organize and state items to spotlight the importance of each piece as well as provide all supplies and resources needed for the sale ( folding tables, tablecloths, and showcases ). They also arrange for an on-site security as well as professional movers and delivery services to assist the customers. Peachtree Bennett also uses their marketing and advertising strategies such as online listing, classified or display ads on local publications and an email blast to their extensive list of potential buyers to help you get your best offer. A detailed statement including an electronic copy of each transaction will also be provided along with the sale proceeds in about six business days after your sale.

Are you looking to sell your home or even auction off some items? What about looking to see how much that old painting or item your grandmother gave you years ago is worth? Your one-stop shop for all things auctioning is Peachtree and Bennett. You won’t be disappointed. Find out more on their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages!

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