6 Things To Think About Before Purchasing A Vertical Saw

April 15, 2018

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When owning a shop, you may want to consider having what’s a called a vertical panel saw, although perhaps you may have thought about the various advantages that this one person operation. If you’re thinking of wanting to purchase one yourself, you know that there are extremely important for safer cutting, accuracy and space saving. Let’s look at the at things to think about before you consider making a big investment in purchasing your own panel saw.

1. Guide System- a strong guide system is what I’d consider the heart of the panel saw. These quality guides tubes should be fabricated from a special manufacturing steel operation to ensure straightness, smoothness and concentricity. These tubes also need to be welded to the bottom and top brackets to assure that you have absolute alignment with the frame. Sometimes if they are loose, they can vibrate during operation which doesn’t cause a straight cut! 

2. Factory Assembly + Alignment - A key idea to purchasing your own panel saw is to get a guaranteed cut every single time. Some panel saws are assembled and aligned within the factory by qualified technicians to meet those exact requirements. If you buy a component saw, despite the price you saved, it can be quickly off-site by attempting to try and assemble it yourself or, the cutting accuracy over the life of the saw may be in poor shape. One of the best places to purchase a panel saw is from Saw Trax. They are located in northern Georgia and offer reliable, friendly customer service to help answer all your questions. They have what’s called an Accu-Square system which is their patented ‘set and forget’ alignment system. The alignment of their machine is done within the factory so they are accurate out of the crate! You can have our panel saws shipped via LTL carrier or UPS and purchased through their dealer network. Saw Trax also is extremely through with their inspection before the panel saw leaves the factory. It’s warranted to be free from defects from the workmanship and materials for one year on all components except the saw motor. If you have any trouble, they are just a phone call away!

Image: Saw Trax 

3. One- Piece Frame- The frame that supports the panels is potential the backbone of any panel saw. This is so critical for the accuracy, safety and alignment of the machine itself. The frame should be in one piece and welded to ensure a lifetime of hard work in your shop. Frames that are bolted can loosen over time or even rust. This of course leads to the problem in safety issues and performance in the future so it’s important to check this before using!

4. Saw Motors Specialized - To ensure that you have a quality saw motors on your panel saw, they need to be specially selected and adapted for use for this specific machine. Some of these features include motors that are usually not available on the shelf like circular saws. Some items can include power switches, special blade guards for protection and free movement of dust extraction systems. There are even splinter parts to help!

5. Saw Blade Capability - When it comes to signmakers or woodworkers who use their panel saw to help cut a wide range of materials, they are using a variety of professional saw blades to ensure the safest and cleanest cut. These industrial panel saws are designs for those blades with an 8” x 10 x performance. They are available for a wide range of sources

6. Accuracy- Obviously one of the biggest perks of purchasing a vertical panel saw is the accuracy within each cut. Accurate straight and square cuts are one of the most important reasons to purchase them and the manufacturer, like Saw Trax guarantees that accuracy of the actual saw cut within the saw. Those that are designed and built as a completely until will assure that cutting accuracy is maintained over many years of service.

Image: Saw Trax 

So, if you’re thinking or purchasing a vertical saw for your shop, these are great things to think about as well as a company that you trust, ensures quality customer service and a great price point to get you started. Reach out today to learn more about Saw Trax and how they can help you on their Twitter or Facebook pages. 

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