Snack Smarter with Snack Nation

April 25, 2018

Having worked in an office for many years, I know all about snacking temptations. Let's face it, vending machines don't always promote or contain the healthiest snacks. A great choice to replace these unhealthy snacks is to check into office snack delivery. After recently searching the web for better alternatives I found one that I think is rather grand in conception and execution. Have you heard of SnackNation? If not let me tell you a little more about what I found. It is a monthly snack box that mail aims is making healthier snacking more fun and available in the work environment! They guarantee that each box will feature snacks with no artificial anything in them, including colors, sweeteners, and flavors. They offer over 5,000 different snacks from 1,500 premium brands
 Plus, they donate 10 boxes to a family in need for every box delivered. A company that has a heart and gives back? Who can't get behind that!
They offer a wide variety of snack choices including gluten-free, vegan, paleo-inspired, and healthier indulgences items so there is truly a snack for everyone!
Each SnackNation box contains 150 single-serve snacks. Your custom box includes a rotating selection from their library of premium snacks. Get bars, chips, jerky, granola, trail mix, dried fruit and more. Prices start at $249 including FREE delivery and a also display case. They also offer a shop at home box that is great for families!

They even offer a free trial box for companies, so what's stopping your company from giving them a try today? 

Wishing you all happy and healthy snacking and as always keep it Southern Y'all!

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