The Benefits of Learning the Craft of Sewing

April 1, 2018

I remember watching my mother sew long hours while I waited patiently for my Halloween costume to be finished. I couldn’t wait to show off yet another amazing creation by my Mom who loved encouraging me to pick out something beautiful to wear, another princess gown no doubt, to share with my fellow princess loving seven-year-old friends. She would work long hours, double check her work and loved bringing the creation to life. Now, as a Mom myself, I envy the way she could work her magic creating these gowns for me because I did not get the sewing gene. We chatted about the benefits of sewing and all that it can entail if you’re interested in sewing yourself!
  1. Saving Money- You might not realize it but the most obvious benefit to learning to sew is the money you can save! Rather than throwing out damaged clothing, you can use your sewing skills to repair tears or add patches to various garments. While I’m not the best at sewing, it’s imperative to at least attempt like myself so I can mend my own children’s clothing rather than always having to purchase something new. ALong with that, parents can also use the sewing machine to create new outfits for their kids, thus saving on apparel purchases! 
  2. Promotes Self-Confidence- Feeling good about yourself and having a positive outlook on your life will help you thrive! The confidence you can gain from sewing and learning how to create your own masterpieces with your machine may benefit you in a way that perhaps other hobbies cannot. Sewing is great for boosting your social confidence, especially when you meet with friends who are also into sewing and sew on a regular basis. If you decide to even sew for others, you can sell your creations, feeling pride each time you produce and sell a new piece! 
  3. Supports Your Focus- I have several friends who always wonder how you can sit for hours at a time and focus on one thing. Having to sit down and keep your attention on your sewing machine, even if it may just be for an hour or two at a time, can really help you improve! It’s extremely helpful to young adults who may be struggling to concentrate on a task like studying for long periods of time. The focus you gain from sewing can also assist you in work life too! 
  4. Improve Hand-Eye Coordination- When it comes to sewing, you don’t always have to use a needle and a thread yourself, but it can help you with your hand-eye coordination. This skill is essential in so many areas of your life! This helps with sports, tying shoes, typing, cooking and even driving! 
  5. Encouraging Your Creativity- Sometimes our creativity is not as great as we want it to be. We’re overwhelmed by so much to do at any given time that who really has time right now to sit and actually enjoy something they love to do, much less a hobby. Someone who has a lot of creative talent may never unleash this particular trait because of work or family life. My thoughts? If you take up the hobby of sewing, I bet it will help release that pent up inspiration that you have to design and see your creations in person! By showcasing and allowing yourself to be more creative, you can then grab those benefits of having a more relaxed mindset and your anxiety levels will diminish.

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As always, keep it southern my friends!

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