6 Tips To Ask When Renting Your Right Limo

April 15, 2018

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Are you planning your next Prom event? How about just a quick service to the airport? Whatever your needs, picking the right limo needs to be noted. What are you looking for in a professional limo industry you might ask? Here are 6 things to think about before you book the right limo!

Image: Lowcountry Valet Shuttle Co

1. Check The Number of Years In The Business - Business experience is super important. There are a lot of nuances in coordinating a successful ride. The best way to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible is to hire a limo service that has an in-depth experience in transportation. If you find a newer company that seems to meet your needs, I would look into checking into their experience of their staff as well.

2. Check References and Reviews - One of the first things I always tend to look at is what the websites are saying about the limo company. Looking at credible websites like Yahoo or Angie’s list is key. The best way to really learn about a service is to hear from former customers as well. They can give you a non-biased insight to the service you can expect to see to meet all your needs and requirements.

Image: Lowcountry Shuttle Valet and Co

3. Look At Their Fleet - There are many choices of vehicles to choose from when picking a limo for your next event. You can get a stretch limo, a party bus, a shuttle, a custom-built trolley, stretch SUV and Mercedes Sprinters. I didn’t even know there were so many choices! The average fleet size is roughly five. Similar limo companies will obviously have fewer choices and less availability.

4. Ask About Limo Rental Cost - Price is obviously a big factor. Some companies will have layers of feeds that they might add on to the base rate. You’ll see a fuel surcharge, administration costs, tolls and gratuity for the drivers, etc. Take this into consideration when you suddenly look at your bill being 40 percent higher than you were quoted. Make sure the final price is all inclusive!

Image: Lowcountry Valet and Shuttle Co.

5. Review your options - If you’re renting a limo for a big event such as prom or even a wedding, my best advice would be to take the time to see the vehicle in person that you are interested in renting. Nothing is more nerve-wracking then picking a limo out and it’s worn or a tired old party bus that was great back in the 70’s. You might be able to get even a good sense of the vehicle from pictures online but I would strongly suggest that you inspect it yourself.

6. Check Safety - While it may not be something to cross your mind, make sure to check the limo company for safety. Make sure that this company has a valid certification. Are they liable for any insurance? Are their chauffeurs professional trained? Do their vehicles inspected by DOT and DPU approved? These are all things to consider when picking out the right limo for you!

When thinking of the best company to rent a quality service limo from, the answer for those that live near the Atlanta surrounding areas is Lowcountry Valet And Shuttle Co. Lowcountry Valet offers a variety of older cars that could be perfect for your next wedding or event or add some nostalgia to a fun outing that you want to take with your girlfriends. Jeffrey Newton owns the company and when you step into their vehicles, you feel as if they are taking you back in time with them.

They offer quality staff to help answer all your questions and needs because they know how important their transportation, time and effort is to your day. Their prices can’t get be beat and the experience will leave you smiling and sharin about them to all who are also looking for quality renting limo service. Be sure to check them out on their social media accounts as well! 

As always keep it southern y'all!

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