3 Natural Tips for Enhancing Your Beauty

February 6, 2019

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Everyone wants to look their best; it’s one of those simple facts of life that you just can’t get away from. The beauty industry is enormous, specifically because it caters to all of the different ways in which people want to style themselves and emphasise their best features.

It could be that dress that flatters your figure like nothing else you’ve ever seen, or maybe it’s that makeup palette that really accentuates your lashes and your cheekbones.

If you’re in a more die-hard mood, there’s also an entire world of cosmetic surgery procedures that you could explore in order to bring your looks more in line with the idealised version of yourself that you keep in your mind’s eye.

As with so much else in life, though, the best and most sustainable beauty tips are often the most natural and least intrusive ones. For that reason, here are a few natural tips for improving your beauty today.

Look for organic alternatives

Visiting your local nail salon can be a great experience that leaves you feeling like a million bucks, but you’re probably pretty well aware that a lot of the chemicals that get used in the nail-care process can be harmful to your health, and harsh on your body, especially if you subject yourself to them on a regular basis.

Using a DIY natural nail strengthener made from an organic and benign base, such as olive oil, can, therefore, be a great option for obtaining some of the same benefits without the same risks.

In fact, it’s generally a good idea to assume that the more “natural” your beauty products are, the less likely they are to present any nasty surprises to your health over time. Try to stick to soaps, shampoos and conditioners, and even fabric which has as few synthetic elements as possible.

Try a bit of fasting

Fasting gets a bad rap because it’s often associated with eating disorders. There’s no doubt about it that you need to be careful with how you go about fasting, but when done responsibly, the practice can have many amazing health benefits.

Dr. Jason Fung, author of the book “The Complete Guide to Fasting,” notes how fasting improves blood sugar control, regulates hormones, and promotes rapid weight loss. Dr. Fung even argues that fasting can reverse type 2 diabetes.

Of course, it’s beauty we’re interested in here, and it looks like fasting can help that too. Firstly by promoting weight loss, and secondly by helping to recycle and renew old and damaged tissues in the body through the process known as autophagy.

Tweak your life to make it more active as a whole

News headlines started coming out a few years ago, warning that sitting all day was ruining the health of millions of people, and that even a bout of exercise in the gym later in the day wasn’t enough to counteract the harm done by too much sitting.

More obvious health risks aside, people who are more sedentary also suffer from worse circulation, are more likely to be overweight, and are likely to be pallid due to low sun exposure.

Making your life more active as a whole can get you looking more youthful and attractive in short order. Focus on outdoor activities mainly, but also just move around more during the day, in general.

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