Get the Most Out of Entertainment with Special Guest App

February 21, 2019

Have You Heard of the Special Guest App?

If you haven’t heard of the Special Guest App, you’re missing out. This one little app works harder than just about any of them on the market today. Are you looking for a way to easily book entertainment for your event? Are you a performer looking for a way to get more paid gigs? If you answered yes to either question, you need the Special Guest App, available on iPhone.

Why You Need the Special Guest App

When tasked with finding entertainment for an upcoming event, knowing where to look is only part of it. Special Guest makes booking talent easier than ever, either from your desktop, or your phone. You can browse all available entertainment in your city to see what jumps out at you or just look for something more specific. You can book months in advance, or book today and have entertainment tomorrow. The best part? There’s no cost to access their vast talent network. You’ll see what artist’s fees are upfront, which is great for your wallet. If you’re short on time, send a message to their team of talent buyers with your criteria, and they’ll contact you with a list of available talent for your event.

If you’re a musician or performer looking to book more gigs, you need to be on special Guest. Bars and clubs can book talent (like you) for gigs, possibly increasing your chances of getting discovered. You can earn more money, without worrying about someone else taking a cut.

Bar and club managers--you know how painful the talent booking process can be. Not with Special Guest. You can find the talent yourself, or get information about Venue Connect, their fully managed talent booking service. With Special Guest, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. They understand the need for flexibility and tailoring their service toward individual needs. No cookie cutter approach here. Your venue gets the service and attention that works for your venue, not the guy down the street.

If you haven’t heard of the Special Guest App, it’s high time that you did. Get out your iPhone and download Special Guest now. Change the way you book gigs or find talent for events with Special Guest.

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