Discover the Taste of Greece with Hand Selected by a Michelin Star Chef: Ancient Foods

February 5, 2019

Hello Friends, I hope each of you guys is having a great week! Can you believe we have already hit the month of February? Like most of you, I am a foodie and I LOVE sharing new food discoveries with each of you. Today I wanted to share with you an amazing 40% discount from Ancient Foods (Coupon Code WRAPPED40) and why I would highly recommend everyone checking them out. We all know the less processed a food is the richer and purer the flavor profile. By staying close to the land and choosing foods that are steeped in the ancient food tradition they are providing us with the opportunity to experience food that is both healthy and delicious foods in ancient ways.

Avocado Bruschetta featuring Illia Honey and Keros Olive Oil.

Our Chef Ambassador, Michelin Star Chef Nick Stefanelli helps us find true artisans who produce healthy and delicious foods in ancient ways. They may be in remote locations, but we support them and bring their rich history, traditions, and flavors directly to you. Stefanelli has traveled extensively abroad, and throughout Greece, meeting with local artisans and learning about the unique cultures surrounding gastronomy. In his work with Ancient Foods, Stefanelli is proud to showcase the diverse bounty of the country, telling the stories of its people and their shared history.

We believe that food is a special way to experience ancient traditions and appreciate the rich history of the people who still live by them today. These artisans are proud of their craft and we want to take you and your guests on that journey to these remote and unique places. We also know that these foods have been considered healthy for millenia and modern science is revealing more of the benefits today.

Crudite Cutting Board

The best foods come from places that stay true to their roots and heritage. We work tirelessly to find locations that are off the beaten path and are often the talk of legends. We partner with artisans around the world that have sustained excellence and tradition throughout generations.

Partnerships & Producers
These are artisans who deserve to be discovered. You along with Ancient Foods supports them by providing a marketplace for their efforts and direct investment in their production and villages.

Spaghetti Squash and Pesto
When you cultivate good relationships with locals in remote regions, they will proudly tell you where to find the best of a particular food. They use these ingredients for their own cooking and we work hard to bring you the recipes and flavors that have been proven to work well together for centuries.

They one thing I love the post about Ancient Foods is that even though their products are gourmet they are still very reasonably priced. And by using our coupon code provided you can save even more (Coupon Code WRAPPED40). Visit them today and also follow them on their other social media to stay up to date on all the latest product news on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Wishing you all a full belly and as always keep it Southern Y'all!

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