Keeping Your Marriage Going Strong

February 20, 2019

Marriage is a lifelong commitment. And generally speaking, our lives are a lot longer than they used to be. The average age of a first-time marriage is now between 27 and 29. Which is older than it has ever been before. But, now that so many of us are living into our 80’s and even 90’s, we could easily be married for over 50 years, perhaps up to 70, and that’s not counting the years that we’ve been together before getting married.

It would be naive to assume that in all those years, we’d never have a bad patch. All relationships have ups and downs. Even friendships come with arguments and disagreements. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a long and happy marriage, you just need to keep it strong, through all of those ups and downs.

Accept Change
You won’t always be the same person you were on your wedding day. Nor will your partner. We change. Our experiences change us. We grow, and we develop. Our interests change, and our personalities change. Unfortunately, this means that some couples grow apart and separate.

The key to staying together long term is often accepting, and even expecting change. Embrace each other's interests and passions, communicate with each other, and use evolution as an opportunity to fall in love all over again, instead of being frightened of it.

Deal with Problems
Another problem that many couples have is ignoring issues. They bottle things up, they don’t confront issues, and they try to carry on as usual. If your partner has upset you, face it. If you’ve got severe problems, head to a marriage retreat near me. But, it’s also important to ask yourself if it’s worth it. Once you’ve talked about your concerns and problems and got it into the open, ask yourself if it’s worth losing a day of happiness being angry? If it’s not, try to let it go.

Do Things Together
Doing things together, whether it’s watching a new box set, trying a new exercise, or traveling, is a great way to make sure you’ve always got things in common and something to talk about. Doing things together can help to keep your relationship strong.

Appreciate Each Other
When we first meet someone, we’re often grateful for everything that they do for us. Then, over time we stop noticing, it becomes normal. Then, they stop doing things for us, because we don’t appreciate them, and we notice the loss.

Appreciate your partner and all of the small things that they do for you and your family. Thank them, cuddle them and make it clear that you still notice.

Keep the Romance Alive
Keeping romance alive years and years down the line is tough. But, it’s usually a must for a marriage to survive the test of time. Just remember that romance isn’t all big gestures and sex. It’s intimacy, holding hands, making eye contact and little treats.

Live Healthy Lives
The less upset your marriage faces, the easier things will be. Keep yourself strong to keep your marriage healthy. Look after yourselves, and each other, and your life will be easier and more carefree.
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