The Benefits Of Getting Married Abroad

February 26, 2019

When you get engaged, you’re quite often in a haze to begin with. Because it’s exciting. And romantic. And you want to stay in that newly engaged bubble for as long as you can. But, before long, you’ve then got to start thinking about the wedding and planning out the marriage. And as soon as you start, you’ll realize just how much of a huge job it is. Because there’s so much to think about and plan and choose and pay for! Yet, it must be done. Now, this isn’t going to initially appeal to everyone, but having a destination wedding can often make wedding planning all the more enjoyable. Here’s why.

It’s Easier To Organize

As much as you may assume otherwise, when it comes to planning, when you choose a destination wedding it’s kind of easier on you. Instead of trying to be involved in every single detail and being met with an abundance of choice, you can leave it all to your planner or the venue. You could stick to a destination wedding checklist to make sure you’ve covered it all off, of course. But, the idea is that you have less decisions to make because you’re not there and able to involve yourself too much.

It’s Cheaper

Again, you may assume otherwise on this point, but you may also find that getting married overseas is much cheaper! Because at the moment, weddings can be around the twenty to thirty thousand mark. But with a destination wedding that’s a lot simpler, you might be able to bring the cost down to about half.

There’s Less Fuss

Now, to many overwhelmed brides, this point is going to be the one that makes the biggest impact. Because there’s definitely something about weddings that just feels so exhausting. There are just too many decisions to make and the day can see rigid and fussy. But when you choose a destination wedding, there’s definitely a lot less fuss. You can even get married with bare feet if you wish!

Guaranteed Weather

Then from here, another huge selling point for a lot of people, is that when you’re getting married abroad you’re often blessed with beautiful weather. When you take a look at some of the top destination wedding locations around the world, you’ll spot some of the sunniest places ever, So if a warm location with gorgeous weather is a must, then a destination wedding will be great for you.

It’s More Relaxed

And then finally, another huge selling point that most people have when it comes to their wedding, is that when you go overseas, it tends t be a bit more relaxed. Whether you’re getting married on a beach or not, the day is a lot less chaotic or formal or regimented than if you were doing a traditional wedding at home. And that’s great. So if you see your wedding day as being a bit more flexible, then a destination could be perfect.

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