4 SEO Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

July 9, 2019

4 SEO Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

Search engine optimization has been on everyone's lips for years, yet serious mistakes are made time and again. We also have to do it in our SEO agency every day with websites where even the most rudimentary measures for the optimization are completely missing or made mistakes in the content creation. It is now enormously important to be in the Google search results to be quite far ahead to survive against the competition. At first, when we were planning the post, we thought we could do with a shortlist of perhaps common mistakes, but in the end, it has now turned into few SEO bugs that we absolutely want to address. We will deal with SEO errors that we encounter especially in online shops in a separate article.

1. Missing Title Tags
The SEO On-Page optimization is not really about a title tag. And yet we always find many HTML documents in which no title tag is incorporated in the source text and which are published. The clickable page title is the first and most prominent what searchers see in the SERPs and should be maintained accordingly. For more in-depth info about SEO, check out http://www.nabilansariseo.com/

2. Missing meta-description
The SEO meta description does not have a decisive influence on the ranking, but for many, the descriptions are completely missing. Considering that with a good meta-description you can get much higher click-through rates with very little effort, it's worth investing those few minutes. What good is a high ranking, if no one clicks on the search result, because of bad or missing meta tags such as Description and title mentioned above no one clicks on it?

3. Missing or deficient image attributes
Images support products and content on the website, increase relevance to the topic and improve the user experience. The Google Robot is having a hard time reading it though. That's why it's so important to optimize the pictures as well. Most of the Alt attributes are missing in the images, but also file names, image titles and descriptions promote the findability of the website. Please read with us, what has to be considered when optimizing images for Google.

4. Too little or bad content
For some years, the keyword Content is King has been circulating in the online marketing industry. Also, we as an SEO agency rely heavily on high-quality content. Very often, however, we find very little or bad content on the websites we analyze. Unique content with high added value should not only be written for the search engine, which, of course, has been paying more and more attention to unique content for some time now, and has valued it positively, but above all for the users of the website. Meaningful content and texts bind the user to the website, increase the length of stay, lower the bounce rate, invite you to come back, and yes, they also increase the placement in the search results. That's just a handful of reasons to value good content.

In addition, the content should be well-structured. Missing or meaningless headlines are also a common SEO bug. The structuring of a text with headings should also not be done graphically, but in HTML format, ie with the known h-tags from 1 to 6.

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