How To Choose The Right ENT Doctor

July 30, 2019

If you have recently moved, finding a new doctor can be a huge headache. Asking for recommendations from your neighbors, friends or coworkers is a great place to start but ultimately you, and you alone, are going to have decided which physician is best suited for you and your needs and situations. For specific situations such as having ear, nose or throat issues, you’ll want to find a specialist that can really zone in on these problems which would bring you an ENT location. One such company that not only has a wealth of highly professional doctors, nurses and staff but also offer a variety of other services to meet your needs is located in the north suburbs of Atlanta. This company is called WellStar Medical Group ENT.

1. Location - This can be a big factor when choosing the proper ENT doctor. If you live in the Atlanta area you know that traffic is a hassle for many hours of the day. Lucky for you, WellStar Medical Group offers two locations that can be helpful for your commute. One is in the Roswell location while the other is in Cumming.

2. Credentials - You want to make sure that the doctor you are seeing having proper credentials and training when they are helping you with your ear, nose or throat issues. Keeping up with the latest technology and treatment options to help deliver you the proper care you deserve is key. The doctors truly care about your health and about how you are doing! Simply put, you won’t find a better doctor in the Atlanta area then being treated for your ENT issues at WellStar Medical Group.

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For example, one doctor, in particular, Dr. Vivek Gurudutt is an expert in neck and head oncology. He has extensive experience in the surgical treatment of neck and head cancer/tumors, thyroid/parathyroid surgery, neck masses, and salivary gland surgery. In addition to general otolaryngology, sinus surgery, and sleep apnea, he also utilizes office ultrasound in the evaluation of his patience with head and neck disease include thyroid nodules. He has helped educate physicians by co-directing a course teaching these surgeons the proper technique for certification in using the ultrasound in the neck and head. Before he practiced in the Atlanta area, he spent several years in New York City at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He was also part of the World Trade Center Program that offered care for police officers and firemen that were affected by 9/11. He truly cares about his patients to help improve their lives. Dr. Gurudutt also organizes and raised funds to field a medical team to care for pediatric patients in a remote region in the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico. He truly cares about his patients to help improve their lives as read by several testimonies on the WellStar Medical Group website.

3. Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff - Of course you want the specialists that you are seeing to help you but you also want to feel welcome within the waiting room as well. The team of allergy and subspecialists, as well as a full staff of audiologists, collaborate the met of every ENT that is needed. They have developed a reputation for successful treatment of even the most challenging of cases. Patients that are referred to or even other ENT providers in Georgia or the Southeast seek their advice for second opinions. The most important tools that they have are to listen and hear your story and the information referring providers share as well as developing the proper treatment plan. Not only are they experts in their field, but they are also friendly, courteous and treat you with respect when answering a question or concern you may have.

4. Variety Of Services- While you do want the best ENT out there, there may be times when you need other services but are hesitant to go somewhere else. WellStar offers many types of services including hearing aids, voice swallowing techniques, disorders of the ear, sleep apnea, a hearing and balance center, nasal and sinus issues as well as plastic and facial surgeries for certain issues such as needing a rhinoplasty.

Hopefully choosing the right doctor will be a smooth transition for you but always make sure that you feel comfortable with your doctor before proceeding any further. Should you have any questions, concerns or just want to make an appointment to meet one of these incredible doctors for a consultation, feel free to give them a call on their website. They also offer a way to do it online as well.

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