How to Create an Indoor Succulent Garden

July 11, 2019

Succulents are small potted plants such as aloe and miniature cacti. The stems of the plants hold water which is resistant to dry conditions. To create an indoor succulent garden you need to follow steps that include choosing the proper type of container, to the fertilizing of the plants.

Choose a Container

Get a wide and shallow container to use for potting the plants for your succulent garden. You can use small plastic pots or use a terracotta pot. Make sure that the pots have holes to drain water, as the plants do not require much water. If your pots do not have holes you will need to drill one or two in the bottom by using a power drill.

Preparing the Plants

Create a 50-50 mix of potting soil and dolomite. The dolomite in the soil is used to keep the soil for the plant's pH neutral. Place a small layer of crushed gravel at the bottom of your pots. Keep the gravel level at ½ an inch to 1-inch thick. Fill the pots ¾ full of the potting soil and dolomite mix. Position your succulent plants on top of the soil and spread out the roots. Add more soil to your pots to cover all the roots. Prepare all of the plants that you want to use for your succulent garden.

Type of Lighting

Determine the type of lighting that is available in the room. A succulent plant thrives in bright light that should be placed in direct sunlight. If you do not have an east south facing window you can easily set a small light to keep your succulent garden healthy. Lighting is a good option for a succulent garden during the winter months when bright sunlight is not always available.

Watering the Plants

Add water to the plants once every two weeks to moisten the soil. Remove and dispose of any water that remains in the bottom dish as you do not want to let the soil sit in standing water. Standing water soaks into the soil and can harm your succulent by rotting the roots.

Fertilizing the Plants

Add fertilizer to your succulent plants during their growing and flowering season. Do not add fertilizer to your plants out of season, as this will damage the plants and stunt their growth. A popular choice for fertilizer is magnesium sulfate. You only need to use a small amount of fertilizer because it is quickly absorbed by the succulent plant.

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