Comfort and Control for Pup with Rabbitgoo Harnesses

July 29, 2019

Hey there y'all! I hope you guys week is getting off to a wonderful start! Today we are talking about pet harnesses from Rabbitgoo. If you have been hanging around our blog you know by we are a multi-pet home. We have 2 small but mighty chihuahua's named Tom and Jerry. I am the 1st to admit they are not well trained and are not people-friendly. Don't let the cuteness fool you they do not want strangers to touch them. They also like to run so a traditional collar just does not for them because they will pull and choke them. Also, they have that cute factor remember? Tiny dog collars are not meant to be heavy-duty. This is totally the first time our pups have ever worn harnesses. The harnesses are fully adjustable by a few inches. Tom is wearing the size XS black harness and Jerry is wearing the size S in emerald that is made for cats. So you can see how important it is to use the measurement and sizing guide located on the Rabbitgoo page.

These harnesses are made with a padded breathable air mesh for maximum comfort and are both durable and weather-proof to be worn during any season. And as you can see they also have a quick release to remove and adjust. The dog harness does also feather a sturdy top handle to help you gain instant control over your pup. It also has reflective stitching for safety when walking or running at night. Our pups do not wear their harnesses all the time but they are great when we are out and about.

Key Benefits of Rabbitgoo Harnesses for Dogs
  • Perfect for nighttime strolls, thanks to 3M reflective material that keeps dogs visible in low lighting.
  • Padded chest and belly straps keep dogs comfortable and secure by removing pressure from the neck.
  • A built-in handle on top of the harness can be used to buckle dogs into the car for safer and easier road trips.
  • A leash can be attached to O-ring on the chest to discourage pups from pulling at the leash while on walks.
  • Create a custom look and fit, thanks to easily adjustable straps, nine brilliant color choices and a variety of sizes.

Key Benefits of Rabbitgoo Harnesses for cats
  • High-quality, lightweight harness makes walking your cat fun, pleasant and safe.
  • Made with sturdy nylon webbing for safety and soft, breathable mesh for comfort.
  • Evenly distributes leash pressure across her chest and shoulders to prevent neck strain or discomfort.
  • Great for use during vet or grooming visits to make sure you can safely maintain control if she attempts a daring escape.
Thinking about switching to a harness for your pet? Here are a few great reasons why you should. A harness disperses pressure over a larger area of your pet's body. This reduces strain on your pet's neck and back. Harnesses discourage your pet from pulling giving you better control. They are great training tools for puppies learning to behave on a leash.

Rabbitgoo brand story
History of Rabbitgoo is based on real life experience of its founder.
The founder of Rabbitgoo once owned a golden retriever and regard that lovely puppy as family member. But during their together lifetime, he often found the retriever shows painful moods like depression and anxiety, especially in outdoor activities. He tried many to delight the puppy but all ended little effect.
Once after cleaned dog’s gadgets, he found by accident, the real reason that caused his puppy’s depression was the inferior dog harness. This unconscious harm to his beloved puppy, also hurt him deeply like a knife stab right in his heart.
From that on, he began to seek the products that really suit his retriever. However, hard and in many ways as he tried, he can’t find even one product that meet safe, comfort and cost performance in the same time. So he decided to design and make a harness by himself.
Well-selected materials, good design, comfort and durable, make that goledn retriever happier day by day. It loves play with its owner, and get more excited about outdoor. Like father and son,their relationship became affectionate ever after
To avoid more dogs harmed by unqualified products, and bring good, suitable products to more dog lovers, our founder created the brand Rabbitgoo. He offers ideal price by supply chain management, makes his brand accepted by market very quickly. From the beginning of Rabbitgoo,we adhered one principle , every product must go through three strict test before appears on market, exiting workshop and entering warehouse. This will make sure our products would bring care to every pet rather than harm .
From its beginning to now, from harness to every aspect, from puppies to kitties, Rabbitgoo always holds the idea of Love pets like kids. We are committing to bring happy, harmony, sweet time to global pets and their owners.
Choose Rabbitgoo,Choose love!
Pet your pets. Love pets like kids.
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