Your Health, Your Priority

July 19, 2019

If you’re a homemaker, then you know how busy life can get. You’re running around after children who can’t find their shoes, you’re making school lunches and you’re getting everyone where they need to be on time day in, day out. It’s an exhausting and time consuming process and very often means there’s very little left for you in between dropping off and picking up, especially with that ever growing list of chores.

In this blog we’re taking a look at how you can squeeze the most out of each day and still find time to take part in a little self-care, which is critical if you want to stay on top of your parenting game. When you give so much of yourself to others you need to ensure that you are taking very good care of yourself.

Reaching Out

Asking for help can be the hardest thing. You don’t want to feel like you’re a burden to anyone and you’re painfully aware that everyone is busy with something. But you also know that if someone reached out to you and asked if you could pick their kids up from school so they could get a doctor’s appointment, you’d say yes in a heartbeat. It’s the same when it’s you asking. You rarely ask for help, so when you do those around you will know it’s important.

Ask friends, ask grandparents, ask those in your neighbourhood and if you don’t have access to any of these people pay for a child minder. Yes, pay just for a few hours. Your mental and physical health is not something to put on the backburner, it’s a priority and those that love you most will agree.

Get to the doctor, the dentist, learn more at the hearing centre or just get a haircut or go for a run, whatever it takes to get you some peace of mind and feeling healthy and well.

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Pay Attention

It’s easy to spot when you have sore joints or a headache that won’t shift but often your mental health and deteriorate very slowly over time. Those times when you feel down can escalate into feeling miserable most of the time and because your busy life is just that, it can mask the symptoms.

If you are worried that you might be depressed, then the first thing you need to do is pay attention to those symptoms, recognise and acknowledge them for what they are and go and get help.

You’re the one running the show in your household and a parent who feels unwell, either physically or mentally is a parent who is struggling needlessly. Ask for help, take up that offer of a sitter and go and do the very thing you need to do to make sure your well being is taken care of. Make your health a priority, it beats the laundry, ironing and food shopping in priority. Take yourself and your role seriously and create time for yourself today.

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