5 Signs It's Time to Move House

January 13, 2023

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Moving house is a stressful, and often expensive, process, so most of us do not want to put our families through a move more often than is necessary. However, it is not always very clear when the right time to move has actually arrived.

That being the case, let’s take a look at some clear signs that moving house could be a good idea:

1. Your family is growing

If your family is expanding, and you find that you have less and less space as family, then this is a pretty clear sign that it could be time to move to give you all the room you need to live life how you wish. Of course, you could potentially expand your home, so it is worth seeing which option is likely to be cheaper while giving you more space.

2. There aren’t many opportunities

If you have noticed that there aren’t a lot of opportunities around when it comes to advancing your career or getting the kids into a great school, then it could be that interstate moving would help you to access more of the things that will help you to move up and on in life. Often, we need to move in order to make the most of life’s opportunities, and although it is often a hard decision to make, it can be the best possible solution to stagnation in life.

Pexels - CCO Licence

3. Your house needs too much work doing

If your home needs a lot of work doing to it to make it suitable for you; perhaps it needs to be extended to fit you all in or it needs a new bathroom and kitchen, then it might actually be more affordable, and less disruptive, for you to find a new property that meets your requirements instead. Of course, you’ll need to crunch the numbers to confirm if this is the case or not. You can also define how you might like to decorate or renovate a new space with more allowances, for example you might hope for a kitchen with an oil-burning range and the chance to install the best stainless range hoods.

4. The community doesn’t have the right vibe

Not every community is the right fit for everyone at every stage of their life. You might have loved the fact your home is close to lots of bars and entertainment venues when you were young and child-free, for example, but now that you have kids, you might be longing for access to more parks, good schools, and friendly local families. Alternatively, you may be retiring and looking for leisure activities nearby, like these Bethany Beach golf courses. In which case, moving to find a vibe that is a better fit would be sensible.

5. You aren’t happy

Of course, if you are simply no longer happy with your home and find yourself looking up real estate in your spare time, then it is a pretty good indicator that the time to move on has come and you should think about moving to pastures new.

If you have noted any of these signs in your life, then it could be that moving house is the right thing to do in the near future, but take your time to really think about it and work out all of your options before you take the plunge.

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