Grimy Office? Here's Why You Should Keep It Clean in Winter

January 18, 2023

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If you have a grimy office, it can have many negative consequences. Not least affecting the health of your employees and yourself. Further, you won't exactly make a great impression on clients, inspectors, and potential employees. Here's why you should keep the office clean.

Longer Lasting Equipment

Office equipment is expensive because these days, it includes modern devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers. So, in the UK, for example, the average monthly IT expense is around £2,500 for a small business. Fortunately, companies like Fernic Building Maintenance can keep your business clean and healthy. Such things as keyboards, mice, and other IT equipment may last a little longer, lowering bills and reducing the spread of germs.

Keep Your Grimy Office Clean to Prevent Germs

Even if you follow good COVID-19 hygiene rules, your office can get full of germs in the winter. This can make your employees sick, which hurts their work and your bottom line. This is because germs and allergens spread more during the winter months. Because of this, cleaning and disinfecting must be done more often during the colder months. This is if you don't want to hurt the health of your employees, customers, and yourself as a responsible business owner.

Companies like Green Facilities offer an efficient cleaning service that is able to operate on a flexible schedule, this way you can schedule cleaning for off peak periods. Furthermore, cleaning companies like these are able to work discretely using modernised cleaning technology to increase the speed and decrease noise levels, no more slow and noisy vacuums! Using cleaning staff who are able to work quickly and quietly will likely encourage the use of cleaning services on a frequent basis as they are not derailing employee productivity. Another unspoken benefit of keeping the office clean beyond those mentioned previously is that having a regularly cleaned office space can encourage people to use the office more if there is a hybrid working system in place. This can improve productivity and improve employee wellbeing as they are getting out of the house and are able to collaborate with colleagues in the office.

Prevent Major Hazards

Winter brings a lot of problems and chances to slip and fall. So, the best way to cut down on the chance of accidents caused by winter hazards is to keep the office clean. When the weather is bad, rain, snow, and other things can get into the office. All of this will end up in places that are dangerous. For example, rainwater will almost certainly pool in some places, making them slippery. So it's especially important to pay attention to entryways with high traffic volume.

Extra: Quick Fixes for a Clean Office

You probably try to keep the office clean. But you are only one person, and employees also share some responsibility. You can also reach out to someone like these business cleaning services in Austin, TX for local help. However, there are times when you notice things are getting a little grimy, and you have a scheduled guest. So, here are some tips for cleaning the office fast:

  • Declutter the desks and communal areas of your office for productive space.

  • Pay special attention to keeping high-traffic areas clean and clear.

  • Get out the vacuum and make sure you remove all dust and webs.

  • Clean your carpets going from the back of the room to the front.

  • Try all-in-one cleaning products to reduce chemicals and going back and forth.

Presentation is everything. So you can try some of these fast cleaning tips when you are stuck for time. A deep clean isn't always necessary, and it's not like a guest is going to scrutinize the entire floor. So as long as the office is relatively presentable and free of hazards, you will be OK.

Make Your Business Presentable

No matter what industry you work in, a clean office gives off a professional impression. When guests and customers come, you want everything to look good and be clean. This is also crucial if you are conducting interviews since most people change jobs in January and February. A positive first impression also gives people confidence and shows that you care about them. So, you won't have to tell your guests you're sorry about the dirty windows and sticky floors.

Let More Natural Light into Your Grimy Office

Windows that are dirty block light. So it's important to keep the windows clean and clear, which will let much-needed light into the office. In turn, this makes employees feel better. Natural light has been shown to make people at work more productive and happier in general. This can also help keep your money in order. If you use more sunlight to light your office, you won't have to pay more for artificial lighting during the day, which will save you money on energy.

Keep the Outside, Outside

Winter brings foliage, spillages, and dirt. And since snow and frost get stuck in shoes in the winter, carpets can get dirty very quickly, especially in a busy office. So it's best to keep everything outside where it belongs to prevent big problems. Maintenance is easy, which is good. One solution is to really clean the carpets. But you should also keep water and anything sticky off your wooden floors. These make slips more likely, so should be cleaned immediately.


There are many reasons why you need to avoid a grimy office. The potential health hazards are the first things that spring to mind. However, a clean office will contribute to longer equipment life, preventing major hazards to employees and providing more natural light for well-being.

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