Amazing Dessert Options For Your Next Dinner Party

January 4, 2023

If you are a fan of dinner parties and regularly play host to your family and friends then you might always be on the lookout for new recipes to try. If you have nailed the starters and the mains then desserts could be something you struggle to think of. Fear not, take a look at the article below to find some inspiration on what you can next serve to your guests. 

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Fruit Salad

This is a classic dessert, one that you can have on the table alongside any other dessert that your guests can help themselves to. Not everyone likes fruit but if you give it as an option then it is up to them whether or not to have some. Fruit will keep in the fridge for a day or two after being prepared, so if you have some left then you can enjoy it post-dinner party. Make sure you find out if any of your guests have an allergy to the fruit. Kiwi, strawberry, and banana are the fruits that are most risky to people with allergies. 


If you are a great chef then you will be able to put together an amazing display of pastries. Pastry can be tricky to work with as you need the right temperature for it to form, if your hands are too cold or too warm when making it then it won’t form as it should. If you have never made pastries before then there is nothing to be afraid of, you will get the hang of it. If you want to serve eclairs to your guests then you will need to make pate a choux as the base recipe. You can find a tasty recipe for pate choux here. You can have eclairs as they come with the cream filling or you can go the extra mile and add a layer of chocolate over the top. 


Trifle is one of those classic old-fashioned desserts that many households have on their tables around Christmas time. If you don’t want to wait another year for Christmas to roll around once again then you can choose to serve it any time you want. Take a look at a variety of recipes to find the one that works best for you. 


What is better than cake after dinner, cheesecake of course. Be aware of any allergies and diet preferences when it comes to serving cheesecake. You can do all sorts of flavors when it comes to this dessert. You can do a plain New York baked or add some fruit and create a strawberry one. Serve it with a coulis and maybe some cream on the side. 

Trio of Cakes

Finally, if you want to be fancy and give people options on what to have for dessert then you could make a mini trio of cakes. This is always something that will pique your guest's attention. Better yet, you could find out what the consensus is on favorite cakes and make those. Commonly in a trio, you have a mini victoria sandwich, a brownie, and something else. You can have free reign here and do whatever you think your guests will like to see on their plates. 

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