Sweets for your sweetheart from Otis Spunkmeyer

February 11, 2017

Love is in the air...do you smell it? It could just be the delicious treats we were sent from Otis Spunkmeyer. We do declare, they are irresistible! Great tasting snacks with no funky stuff. Otis Spunkmeyer is a gift you can feel good about giving. Did you know that Otis Spunkmeyer treats only have a 30-day self-life? That's right, these delights don't sit around! That's why they are so much fresher than all the others.There are currently 17 varieties offered for your snacking pleasure.

All these foods make great a great sweet snack to share with family and friends on February 14th, but it can also be REALLY fun to transform these foods into dessert hacks, like chocolate fondue with mini cupcake skewers or chocolate crème cake tiramisu. Both of these mouth-watering recipes were created by Let Me Eat Cake.

Chocolate crème cake with caramel - Ok, let’s be honest. As delicious as the spongy chocolate cake might be, its main job is to provide a soft, edible home for the smooth caramel crème in the center.
Mini chocolate cupcakes - Bite-sized chocolate cupcakes covered in creamy Dutch cocoa icing. They couldn’t get any better… unless we filled them with vanilla sweet créme. But that would be crazy! I don't care! Do it!

Mini golden cupcakes - We heard you like vanilla, so we filled this bite-sized vanilla cupcake with vanilla sweet crème and covered it in vanilla icing. You’re welcome.
Double chocolate cookiesEvery day millions of people face a difficult choice: dark or milk chocolate? Well, that agony is officially over: we’ve just put milk and dark chocolate chips into one cookie. (I just got shivers, did you?)
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