Twisted Shotz NEW #TwistedGals

February 1, 2017

In 2016 our fans voted to create the two new Twisted Shotz flavors – Pussy Cat and Moscow Mule Kick. In 2017, we’re taking it to the next level, giving more than a half million fans an opportunity to win a “Night on the Town” by becoming Twisted Gals. 

Simply post photos on Facebook or Instagram of you and your friends having a blast with Twisted Shotz – the more fun, and the more Twisted, the better. Be sure to tag your photos with “#TwistedGals”. Every week, the Twisted Shotz team will select ten photos to be voted on by our fans.
The Top 10 photos of the week will be posts to our Facebook page every Friday, starting the first week of February 2017. Whichever photo in that group of ten that gets the most “LIKES” that week will win a “Night on the Town”. A list of sponsored events can be found in our Event/Store Locator tool, available on our website and Facebook page.
Go to our website or Facebook page for more details. Become a Twisted Gal AND win your night on the town!

What do I need to do to become a Twisted Gal?
It’s easy:
  1. Post photos on Facebook and Instagram of you and your friends having devilish fun with Twisted Shotz;
  2. Tag those photos “#TwistedGals”;
  3. Watch the Twisted Shotz Facebook page every Friday (starting February 3, 2017) to see if one of your photos is selected for the contest that week;
  4. If your photo is selected, ask your friends, neighbors, colleagues and family to LIKE your photo;
  5. If your photo gets the most LIKES that week, you will win four tickets to an “event, party, or concert in your community, a coupon for a Twisted Shotz Getaway Party Pack and SWAG to wear to the event.
  6. Post your selfies and party photos to Instagram 
We told you it was easy!

Do you need to purchase Twisted Shotz to win?
No purchase is required. We just want to see photos that show fans having “devilish fun” with their friends and family. If you’re already a fan (and already have Twisted Shotz in your refrigerator) feel free to add them to your good times.

What Twisted Shotz are all about?
Twisted Shotz are double chamber shot glasses that allow us to give you two tasty liqueurs in one shot. They mix in your mouth and leave your tongue wagging for more! Popular flavors like Buttery Nipple, Sex of the Beach and Washington Apple include two flavors, side by side, that mix to create incredibly tasty treats that our fans adore. Twisted Gals is a way for us to celebrate our adoring fans in the communities where they live. The only requirement to this program is that you tag your devilish fun photos with #TwistedGals so we can find them on Facebook and Instagram. We will select ten photos per week to be voted on by our fans. The photo that gets the most LIKES each week will win a “Night on the Town” on us. That’s it. It’s that simple.
 How’s it works?
It’s so unbelievably easy. Just take photos of you and your friends being “Twisted” – or, as we like to say, having devilish fun! Post your photos to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag Twisted Gals (#TwistedGals). Check our Facebook page every Friday to see if any of your photos have been selected for the weekly voting. If one of your photos is amongst the Top Ten selections, get your friends, neighbors, colleagues and family to LIKE your photo. Whichever photo gets the most likes that week will be the winner of a “Night on the Town” being a Twisted Shotz Ambassador.

 What does the “Night on the Town” include?
Twisted Shotz has selected several hundred events across the country to sponsor and support. A list of these photos can be found through our Event/Store Locator. The winner will be awarded four (4) tickets to one of these events, as well as Twisted Gals party SWAG and a coupon for a Twisted Shotz Getaway Party Pack from a local retailer. All we ask is that you send us “selfies” from the event and do your best to represent Twisted Shotz as Twisted Gals! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to us at and we’ll help you out. 
Do I have to be 21 years old or older to participate?
Absolutely. All entrants must have a Facebook account in good standing and be at least 21 (twenty-one) years old before January 1, 2017. Contestants will be entered into contest if legal within their state of origin. If it’s not legal for you to receive prizes because of your state of origin there is nothing we can do about it. We’re really sorry. Moreover, we will not post photos that include any minors (we’ll make the call if we think a minor is in one of your photos) and we cannot allow any minors to have access to the event tickets or Twisted SWAG. Don’t worry, minors, you’ll be old enough eventually.

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